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Ty Pennington Style
Ty Pennington Style Parkside Swivel Glider Chair *Limited Availability


*Seasonal item with limited inventory.  Item is no longer available in all areas.

The Parkside Swivel Glider Chair
combines style and comfort to create the perfect seat.

The Parkside Swivel Glider Chair includes custom designed cushions fabricated with the finest all weather fabric. Hand crafted by skilled weavers, suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Generously proportioned and richly detailed, this classic collection captures the traditional look and feel of wicker while standing up to the elements for years to come

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I was not impressed.


I bought this patio chair because it was very comfortable when I sat down in it a the store. They were running a great sale, so I purchased it. I had it about six months before I started noticing a lot of wear and tear, more than I thought should be normal for what is considered an "outside" chair. The cushions were starting to fray and the seams were coming apart. Also the paint was coming off the chair itself and it seemed as though it was already becoming rickety. When I sat down in the chair, it seemed to lean back a lot farther than it should. When we checked the springs, they were already wearing out immensely. This is not a chair I would recommend for use outside. If you have a screened in patio, it would be perfect for that, I believe, but this chair does not survive the outdoor elements. I thought it would be okay in the rain and cold, but it was not. I ended up having to purchase a new chair within nine months. Even for the great price, it was not worth me buying, because I spent the money I saved to buy a new chair less than a year later!




Very sexy chair!


I own two of these Ty Pennington style park side swivel glider chair and I absolutely love them! They are very stylish and sleek and make my deck look really sexy and elegant! The cushions on these chairs are really comfortable, soft and plush and are comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time. I would recommend keeping them as dry as possible and not in direct sunlight in order to preserve the durability and color of the cushions. They also rust at the edges over time if kept out in the rain on a consistent basis. As long as these chairs are cared for properly they are quite durable. I really like the design of the chair and the swivel element. It doesn't get squeaky or hard to swivel over time so that is a really great thing in terms of the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. I would highly recommend these chairs for your outdoor living space. They are comfortable, durable and look very nice!




Vintage look


I purchased this Ty Pennington Style Parkside Swivel Glider Chair for my grandfather. He has a back problem and this chair helps him relax his back and gives him the comfort he requires. Ty is known for manufacturing very good quality products an dI have been purchasing their products quite often of which this product was one of them and a stool as well was purchased from the same company. The chair color and texture matches the seating set which I had purchased earlier and looks great near the study room where my grandfather can relax himself and read the newspaper. The material is a handwoven design and looks antique and elegant as well. It has a steel frame which makes it strong to sit on. The product is quite heavy to carry and two people are required to shift it from one place to another. The cushions are washable and I manage to wash them at home itself.




Perfect addition to the complete set


I was in the market for an extra seat after I purchased the entire Ty Pennington Style patio set. I found this seat that matched the set and knew instantly that it would be perfect with the set. I love this seat because of the swivel feature. It is really nice in the area where we have it, because I am able to turn around in it to watch the kids play in the back yard, or I can swivel back around and talk to people who are sitting on the patio set. I find myself using this seat the most often because of this. Because of the swivel feature on it, it also rocks just a bit, which I really like because I have a hard time sitting still. The chair itself is extremely comfortable. I love the deep seating and the cushions provide a lot of extra comfort. The material that the cushions are made of is very durable and resists both fading and mildew. The chair is a bit pricey, but is a wonderful addition to the Ty Pennington patio set or even on it's own.


Hendersonville, NC


Sturdy but lacks lower back support


I needed a chair to fill out my patio furniture and I came across the Ty Pennington Style Parkside Swivel Glider Chair. I was shocked by the size of the box the chair came in, but once I removed the pieces I quickly realized that this was a big chair. This chair was much bigger than I expected but luckily I had enough room. I was very pleased with all the pieces fitting perfectly, which made assembling easy. This chair is very comfortable to sit in if I keep great posture. If I lean back in this chair within 15-20 minutes my back starts to ache slightly because this chair doesn't offer any lower back support because of the design angle. I was able to counter the chair's design by propping a pillow behind my back. The best thing about this chair to me is that it can handle individuals that weigh around 300 lbs with ease. This chair also doesn't squeak or bend while rotating under a heavy load. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Ty Pennington Style Parkside Swivel Glider Chair to anyone with a lack of space or pre-existing back problems, but if that isn't an issue by all means purchase this chair because it has a high weight threshold and is very durable.


Westchester, IL


Ty Pennington Style Parkside Swivel Glider Chair *Limited Availability

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