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Twizzlers Strawberry Twists

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Twizzlers are a must have for everyone in any age group!


If your looking for a little sweet treat Twizzlers are the best! Great for snacking any time of the day So many great flavors,the strawberry,cherry,chocolate, lemonade,grape,blue raspberry and who could forget the yummy watermelon.My family and I love TWIZZLERS any time, anywhere!!


Belle Vernon Pennsylvania


Great for kids


When we need to sit through meetings and need our children to stay quiet, we will often give our older son (two and a half years old) a couple of these Hershey's twizzlers to keep him occupied. They are very delicious, and he loves eating them, especially with the strawberry flavor. They are great for snacks in public because they are very quiet to chew, and each piece can keep him occupied for several minutes. They also are not overly sticky, so even if he is handling them for awhile they will not get his hands sticky or the seat and other things around him sticky. They also are not quite as sugary, so they are not as bad for his teeth as other candy can be. Since we only use three or four of them each week, it takes us quite awhile to get through a bag. Since the twizzler package is not resealable, we keep them in a ziploc bag. I think if we left them out without sealing them, they would dry out, but they stay soft and fresh for several weeks in a ziploc bag.




Twizzlers Strawberry Twists

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