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Twinlab Diet Fuel

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Works with consequences


This should not be taken at the dosage recommended. I was a 5' 5" female with a small frame at 140 lbs who just wanted to lose 5-10 lbs. This same type of product is used for body builders who are 200+ lbs and that burn thousands of calories a day. I took this for a few weeks at the recommended dosage, and while I lost some weight (mostly from having to take so many pills and getting filled on water), I know it did irreparable damage to my body. I felt like I was hyped up on drugs all the time and didn't sleep. This is not the right way to lose weight. It'd be better just to drink all that water and take fiber and add all the extra chemicals and toxins that are included in diet fuel. Unless you are of a large body structure, DO NOT TAKE THIS.

San Jose, CA


Diet fuel is about like a cup of coffee


I sometimes don't feel like drinking coffee, so I'll take 2 of these with my other morning vitamins to avoid a headache and get a jump start.  This product doesn't do any better for me at suppressing my appetite than eating a balanced diet with protein and low-glycemic index carbohydrates.  But, at the same time, feeling peppier also helps me get motivated to move around and/or do formal physical activity.  This product never makes me feel gittery.  I have used to to lose baby weight after finishing nursing.

Austin, TX


Twinlab Diet Fuel

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