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Tweezerman Point Tweezer

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Only Tweezers I Use Now


Tweezerman point tweezers can get even the tiniest stray hair and because they are pointed they aren't nearly as painful as other tweezers I have used. I have had my tweezerman tweezers forever these things are pretty sturdy and seem to hold their shape better than some other brands of tweezers I have had in the past.



The best tweezers in the world!


Need a new tweezer?  Then only get the best, because it is worth every penny.  I highly suggest Tweezerman point tip tweezers. Tweezerman point tip tweezers are pointy, sharp, and have the best grip ever.  I've used them for years, tried other brands, then went back to my Tweezerman.  Why?  Because they are simply the best. I have found Tweezerman point tipped tweezers to be incredible.  Primarily, I use them on my eyebrows.  They grab each and every hair, hold on, and pluck them with the utmost of ease.  I've even plucked while wearing greasy eye cream and the Tweezerman point tipped tweezer hung on!  I've also used my Tweezerman point tipped tweezer while wearing makeup, and again, the Tweezerman point tipped tweezer held the hair for easy removal. This may sound disgusting, but after sterilizing my Tweezerman point tipped tweezer with alcohol, I was able to extract milia (those hard white pimply looking things that seem to be found above the eyebrow area on foreheads) because the point is so sharp and fine. So the next time you need a great tweezer, make sure you buy a Tweezerman point tipped tweezer.

Woodbridge, CT


Tweezerman Point Tweezer

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