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Tushies Diapers & Wipes Diapers

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Tushies diapers and wipes for my grands i would buy.


 I have always want the best for  my children, from the first one who is now 39 years old to the last who is just turning twenty. MY children came up using  only the brand that was out there on the market . You had to used what was out there in the day when i was responsible for buying diapers Now days there are so  many band-to choose from, I just recently became a grandfather for the 10th time on 4 /15/ 2010 Let me tell you of all of my grand children she is that one that will be special to me. i  don.t know why but let just say she is . I Think of her when i ;m in any store shopping for my home . I know my son  don;t need me to buy anything for her that he can;t get him self. Yet i find myself buying These new Tushies diapers and wipes for  my little star grand daughter  Now  i have her parents buying Tushies diapers and wipes  for her since i gave them as a gift  to them. As  generation come and go i will all ways want the best for my children  I love that this is a qualitythat  i have pass on to them that they want noting but the best for their children. Comiing from a grandfather point of view i would by Tushies diapers for my great grands if i'm around when the are born.


Bronx, NY


They work (I didn't think they could w/o gel)


Hey so Tushies claims to be the gel free alternative. I in fact am not adverse to gel (when I use disposables which is not often but always for night times). I was in fact thinking "will they work with out gel?"Turns out they do. No leaks no problem. If you have any concerns about the gel rest assured these diapers can hold the pee. They turn kinda hard though instead of squishy so just keep that in mind. These are average. For me, they're not my favorit but hey they worked just fine.


Marina, CA


The only completely biodegradable diaper available


Tushies are the only disposable diaper that is biodegradable, gel free, and bleach free.  the diaper is made from 100% cotton.  this is an excellent disposable alternative to cloth diapers for the environmentally concerned parents.  Keep in mind you won't get the long term absorbency our culture expects from disposables - be prepared to change as often as you would change a cloth diaper.  But you won't have to do the laundry.


Mount Vernon, WA


The best gel-free diaper I've tried so far!


I have been on a quest for a disposable diaper in which I won't feel guilty about hurting the enviornment for using it.  Tushies seems to be great.  They don't leak and I love the fact that they are gel free (unlike 7th Generations). HOWEVER, my one critique is that they do not have velcro tabs like almost all disposables on the market.  Instead, the tabs are tape-like.  You can only diaper your baby once and cannot easily check to see if he/she is dirty.  I end up having to throw the diaper out even if my son isn't dirty because the tape won't re-stick.  I also have had to use scotch tape to reinforce the tabs because they don't always stick properly. My husband and I do not like the Tushies wipes simply because they are inconvenient to use since they do not work with the standard wipe pull dispenser since they are packaged with one wipe on top of the other rather than each having an attached edge.  This is inconvenient in the middle of the night when you are half asleep and struggling to pull only one wipe from the package.


San Diego, CA


These wipes/diapers r better for the enviornment & good for baby


I found these diapers and wipes online and am now a faithful user. They have FREE UPS delivery! You can sign up for a monthly delivery and not have to worry about running out to get diapers because you are running low. The wipes/diapers cost the same if not less then other national brands (depending on where you shop and if you are a regimented coupon user). The diapers (they also have pull ups) are disposable, biodegradable, gel free, bleach free and are made from family run farms that replace the trees they use. Made in the USA!  I do have to change the baby slightly more often to prevent leak an occasional through because of the lack of gel but overall, the diapers are the same if not better then the Huggies/ Pampers/Luvs brands. The wipes (some are flushable) are all organic and the company sends you samples in each shipment of their diapers creams and balms. All of it great and worth a try! I tell every mom I know about these diapers & wipes. Spread the word, try them. They are better for the environment and delivered to your door! ( If we can get ever a few moms to try them, think of the change we can make!


Escondido, CA


Tushies Diapers & Wipes Diapers

4.2 5