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Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax Oxy Power Out Upholstery Cleaner

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Great Upholstery Cleaner


This is a wonder cleaner. My mom bought my two year old daughter a toddler chair for her birthday a year ago and since then it has gotten extremely dirty from spilled milk, juice, dirt and random food residue like jelly and gummy snacks. I read the website from where she purchased it and it said to just use water and soap but that did nothing to clean the chair. I tried some oxi-clean powder cleaners and those just spread the stains around. So I tired this upholstery cleaner and it worked wonders. The chair is a polyester material and this cleaner was able to remove the stains with a little elbow grease. The scrub brush is removable so that I was able to get into the corners of the seat cushion to get out every last bit of the stain. It also dd not affect the coloring of the chair (the oxi-clean faded some parts of it). After reading the can I also noticed that this cleaner leaves behinds a silicone shield to help protect from future staining. Perfect for cleaner a chair that is constantly being involved in a mess. I have not used it on my couch, which has microfiber, or my vehicle but after such good results I would feel comfortable using it on both.



This is one tough turtle


This is the best carpet cleaner I have used.  I have have a dog and a boyfriend who both don't wipe their feet when they come in.  Add on top of that the quart of engine oil my dog chewed through (he's okay) that left a big ugly stain, and I have the makings for one of those carpet cleaning commercials.  It contains odor eliminating formula with Odor-X.  It's great for general cleaning or on stains.  Works on coffee, ink, makeup, grease, oil, mud and dirt.  It deep cleans and lifts out ground in dirt. Vacuum loose debris from area.  Shake the can and spray onto upholstery evenly.  Rub the foam into upholstery with the attached bristle brush cap.  Wipe clean with cloth or vacuum when dry.  Same directions for spot cleaning but you can also remove heavy surface soil by scraping area with a knife. Back to that oil stain my dog made.  After a few treatments it is completely gone!  I thought, "Shoot.  There goes my cleaning deposit."  I definitely and highly recommend this to anyone with tough stains.  I'm assuming from my spot cleaning results that this would work great on my whole carpet!

Downieville, CA


Turtle Wax Oxy Power Out Upholstery Cleaner

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