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Turtle Beach Headphones PX21

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Without a doubt for the price, this is the headset you want. It works for both the computer and the X box. I don't know if it works for other systems I only use it for the Xbox. First of all I can tell you that you can wear this headset for 6 solid hours and not feel the least bit uncomfortable. They actually feel good around your head and they cushion your ears. The sound quality is amazing as you can hear sounds that you could never hear before. When playing zombies you can hear creeks and moans that were inaudible before. Campaigning with real life players, you can hear them reloading or maneuvering a split second before you used to be able to. Believe me this will improve your game. It muffles out surrounding noises so there's no distraction. The base is incredible and when I'm listening to music I do not hear one thing other than perfect pure music no outside noises. The microphone moves easily out of the way if you need to speak with someone and when it's away from your mouth it does not pick up sound very well. You do not have to worry about people hearing background noise, at least not like it used to be. You might find this on sale cheaper used or on eBay but I do not suggest that. I got mine from my local game stop in the mall, with gaming gear you should always get pristine. Using and abusing yourself.




Great gaming headset at an affordable price


I have used Turtle Beach products, and while some of them could have been better, this one is definitely a great headset for the PS3. It is very light and comfortable to wear for hours. This is perfect for those who engage in gaming marathons often, as some headsets can crush your ears and prematurely end long sessions. The sound quality on its own is great, whether it be music or explosions, but I recommend pairing this with a Turtle Beach sound processor, which you unfortunately have to buy separately. The microphone allows clean and crisp voice chat, but at the same time, its greatest strength is also its greatest disadvantage. I've been told many times that the mic picks up other sounds around me, such as the fan and other family members. Depending on your environment, I would recommend muting the mic manually once in a while if necessary for etiquette. Aside from that, it's a great headset that lets you play without interrupting anyone else.


Glendora, CA


Great and comfortable


I bought this headset for my husband who is an avid online gamer, he loves it and says its the best pair of headphones he has had. It is comfortable for hours of play, and can hear things crystal clear, while blocking out outside noise. Great buy for a gamer! Durability Our kids broke his first pair, he is getting a second pair for Christmas.




Not very durable good sound


Great sound but they are so fragile, they do not look it, but the earpiece has snapped off twice already. They spend more time being fixed then being used. I would look for a more durable set, especially if you have kids!!! Too much money for not enough quality!!


Oakville, CT




I love this headset. I got this headset because i own a ps3 and xbox but i want to be a xbox and pc gamer by the end of the new year. The sound quality is great. It works on ps3 xbox and PC. You can use it on your xbox and pc at the same time. You can adjust the base as well as chat and game volume. This headset is great for the cost. It doesnt have surround sound but you hardly notice. The mic is great too. This headset just looks stylish.


Addison, IL


Turtle Beach Headphones PX21

4.4 5