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Over the Head, Gaming Headset
Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach - Ear Force X31 Headset

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Good for more then gaming


I have had my pair of X'3 for over 4 years now and they still work like the day I took them off of the shelf. The sound quality is great and has helped me many times in my multi-player gaming sessions. These are also great for just watching movies or television especially if you have no surround sound system. Late night viewing or gaming will no longer disturb the rest of the family who is trying to sleep, just turn the volume all the way down on the television and listen through the headset. They fit over my ears perfectly and because of the large pads I can wear them very comfortably for hours. Only draw back I find is they eat up batteries fairly quickly so It would be a good idea to have some rechargeable batteries on hand for these. Sound Quality The sound is great and love the fact that when chatting you can control the volume from the movie your watching or game you are playing independently from the chat volume which has its own dedicated setting.



pretty amazing headset


i purchased this headset several months ago from a friend who had just sold his xbox and i loved them. they were an amazing headset and made the normal xbox headset seem obsolete. also these will greatly enhance your gaming experience or at least they did for me. turtle beaches are definitely worth the money you pay for them and i honestly would be willing to pay much more for these but luckily for me and you they are at the great price they are.thse are very easy to set up work fantastic and i have never had any problems with them at all. i purchased another set for my little brother too who recently had a different headset for the xbox 360 which did not last him long due to how harshly he treats his stuff but these have lasted him over 4 months and thats even with his constant playing. i would not choose any other headset for the xbox 360 and especially with this amazing price, definitely a great buy

Victorville, CA


First-rate quality headphones


Anyone who has played on Xbox Live and used Microsoft's own headset knows that they are a long way off good ergonomics. It's really frustrating when you're trying to put them under your headphones. But Turtle Beach solves two problems: sound quality and comfortableness improves. This headset exhales quality. Frames are tough and lightweight headset fits your ears perfectly. You can't complain of sound quality, but you can hear some rush when hullabaloo becomes quiet. This headset plays low frequencies exceptionally well and none one can't hear the ruckus. The "sender" takes its power from USB and it starts when you crank up your Xbox. I attached my headphones to TV's USB port. Sound quality is so good that I use these headphones when I'm watching movies late at night. Turtle Beache's biggest stumbling-block is AAA battery-powering. I'd love rechargeable batteries. On the other hand you can play pretty long with two AAA batteries, because the thing shuts down when you don't use it for a few minutes. I truly recommend these headphones. The microphone plays only on Xbox 360, but you can use headphones with any sound source.

Atlanta, GA


Turtle Beach - Ear Force X31 Headset

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