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Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill Duetto

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Turkey Hill Duetto is a pleasant suprise-you can't go wrong!


Turkey Hill Duetto is delicious!  I have tried several different flavors and love them all.  If you have not tried it, it has an italian gelatti ice mixed with an ice cream.  There are several flavors of Turkey Hill Duetto.  I bought several different flavor combinations and was quite suprised to find that even flavors I would not normally like were delicious. Turkey Hill Duetto has a nice texture and creamy and is refreshing on a hot day.  Turkey Hills' Duetto flavor of Mango and Vanilla is my favorite, but I really do like them all.  I do no normally like root-beer, but the root-beer and vanilla combination tasted like an ice cream float.  Turkey Hills' Duetto strawberry/banana and vanilla is also very good.  Turkey Hill Duettos' cherry and vanilla is so tasty!  I love raspberry so it is a given that the raspberry and vanilla is delicious too.   I see they are going to have some limited editions for the summer and cannot wait to try them.  Stores locally do no carry Turkey Hill Duetto so I drive to a grocery store thirty miles from my home to buy it, that is how good it is!  I would recommend this to everyone.          

Graham, NC


Great tasting and healthy too!


We are always looking for a good ice cream to make smoothies with because I just love making smoothies with my [Party Blender][1] !  But at the same time, I'm also looking for healthy options because ice cream can be quite fattening and it's not worth it.  Lately we've been looking for frozen yogurt, which has been hard to find! When I saw **Turkey Hill Duetto** at Kroger on sale, we bought it thinking it can't be that good.  A lot of times cheaper frozen yogurts and ice creams are watered down.  However, we were very pleasantly surprised!  In the flavor we bought, the Strawberry Venice Ice combines with the Banana Soft Serve to make the perfect treat!  I added some strawberries and bananas to turn it into a perfect smoothie.  Even eating it straight out of the bowl, it's very yummy.   One thing they claim is that it is easy to scoop because it is soft serve.  It turns out to be very easy to scoop even if it's been in the a really cold freezer.  There's no defrosting for **Turkey Hill**!  Just take it out and serve instantly.   A 1/2 cup serving will cost you 3 grams of fat and 120 calories.  That's one of the healthiest "ice creams" you'll find off the shelf.  There are 23 grams of carbs which also isn't all that bad for ice cream.  The main ingredients are water, milk, corn syrup, sugar, cream, strawberries and bananas.  I do taste some strawberry pieces in this, but it is even better if you add your own fresh strawberries and bananas.   I am looking forward to trying the other flavors of **Turkey Hill Duetto**.  It allows me to fulfill my ice cream craving without giving me a ton of fat and calories.  Check it out today! And don't forget to make it into a smoothie.  Enjoy! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Home-Exclusives-17-Piece-Party-Blender-review-26644

Metro Detroit, MI


Get ultimate satifaction with less fat & calories than icecream


Turkey Hill Duetto ice cream is hald soft serve and half gelato woth only 3 grams of fat and 120 calories per serving. I have tried their coconut and chocolate and it is out of this world..one small cup is all I needed to be satisfied.  I used to eat low fat ice cream or just frozen yagurt, but the flavors were bland.  Here I get low fat and low cal with full flavor.  The tropics with the coconut...and chocolate, the flavor everyone craves

Haverhill, MA


Turkey Hill Duetto

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