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Tupperware Mexicana Micro Steamer

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Microsteamer is more than a steamer!


I love tupperware and the microsteamer is one of their great products! Not only can you use it to microsteam vegetables, but the strainer can be used to strain cans of fruit or vegetables or pasta too! Good price for product that is versatile!

Woodburn, OR


The micro steamer did not impress me!


Okay, so I have several friends that sell Tupperware, and I've been to several parties. I think they have some wonderful products and then some fairly average products. I was told that this micro steamer was awesome, and the tortillas done in here were especially wonderful. Unfortunately, even though I bought the thing brand new from Tupperware, it did not come with recipes or instructions. So, tortillas are about the only things I've tried to use it for, and let me tell you, I was not impressed! I love the shape (shaped like it was made to be a tortilla warmer), but I cannot say that it did much for me. The really taste just as good when you do what the package tells you to do (put the tortillas between damp paper towels on a plate). So, my complaint is that Tupperware needs to get a little better about explaining the versatility of their products and go to the trouble and expense to educate the consumer that just bought the product.

Georgetown, KY


The Tupperware Steamer is the very best steamer ever!


The Tupperware Vegetable Steamer was given to me as a gift in 1993 or 1994 and is still one of my very favorite kitchen appliances and very favorite gifts I've ever received!!!  It's made of very durable plastic and comes in three pieces:  a bottom dish for the water, a dish with holes in it to let the steam through, and a lid.  All of the pieces fit together beautifully and all you need to do is put your water in the bottom, put your vegetables in the middle and you can use it with or without the lid.  Then, just stick it in the microwave oven and steam away!  Just be careful removing the lid because the steam is really hot and could give you a nasty burn if you don't remove it carefully.  One of the reasons I love it is because it steams extremely quickly.  You can steam your vegetables and add them to the dish you're making in just a matter of minutes -- even carrots, which I used to cook on top of the stove, but not anymore.  Carrots, in my opinion, take the longest to cook until tender and even they only take about five or six minutes!  Another added benefit of using the steamer is that your food retains more nutrients than other methods of cooking.  Also, you can heat other things in it as well.  Let's say you have a leftover enchilada that's been in the refrigerator long enough that the tortilla isn't at it's peak.  No problem!  Simply stick it in the steamer and microwave it for about a minute (that's usually all it takes) and voila!  Instantly heated enchilada without getting that 'shoe leather' texture that sometimes comes from microwaving.  Also, it's super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  This is truly an amazing kitchen tool and a really great time saver!!  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fantastic steamer.  And, it really does make an extraordinary gift (hint for you guys looking for a great gift for your homemaker gals out there)!

Los Angeles, CA


Use Full to the End


Great Price.  Great all around.  I use mine for everything.  Since I bought mine I use it all the time.  Plan to buy at least 3 more.  Would recomend them to anyone who is in the kitchen and prepares food alot.  This is great for anyone.  From  the chef to the not so Kitchen/Cooking types.  Easy to use and easy to clean.  Plus if it ever breaks it will be replaced for little to no cost.

Palm Coast, FL


the microsteamer is the best microwave cooking product around.


the microsteamer made by tupperware is probably the best microwave cooking product available in todays market.  It allows you to cook more than on thing at a time and does not dry out meat or overcook vegeables.  it is wonderful for the working mom who doesn't have much time to spend in the kitchen.  if you have a microwave and do not own this product it is well worth the money you spend for it. it saves cooking time and creates less dishes to wash afterwards.

Rewey, WI


Tupperware Mexicana Micro Steamer

4.6 5