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Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons
Tupperware Measuring Cups & Measuring Spoons Set

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Can't be beat!


You cannot even begin to compare other measuring cups and spoons to Tupperware! Let me start with the cups. The cups come in hard to find sizes like 2/3 cup. Most sets of measuring cups do not come with those. They are built tough and they all stack into one another to save space. I have heated them, dropped them, put them in the dishwasher, and they are still going strong. Now for the spoons. The spoons are designed so that when you sit them down on the countertop, they stay level and will not spill what is measured out. Most measuring spoons on the market do not sit level when you put them down. These do and it saves a lot of time and mess. These have also survived the dishwasher just as the cups have. I cannot tell you how wonderful these measuring spoons are. I wouldn't have another brand. This would be a fantastic gift for a wedding shower or for someone getting their first home. They will last for a very long time and save a lot of time and mess in the process. Design Tupperware knew what they were doing when they designed the spoons!


Empire, AL


Tupperware Measuring Cups & Spoons


These measuring cups and spoons are perfect for baking and cooking. I use a lot of cookbooks when preparing meals and these measuring cups and spoons are a must have. This measuring set includes 6 measuring cups: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 cup capacities. It also has 6 measuring spoons: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 tsp, 1/2 and 1 tbsp. These measuring cups and spoons store perfectly into one another. They are very easy to clean and store easily inside my kitchen drawer. When I use these measuring cups and spoons they stay firmly put on my kitchen counter while pouring ingredients into the containers. I love the easy grip handles on these measuring cups and spoons. This makes it much easier to have a firm grip on the cups and spoons without worrying about spilling anything. These measuring cups and spoons are very durable and not made of cheap flimsy plastic. Overall I am very pleased with this product. It really makes my cooking and baking experience easy and enjoyable.




Sturdy measuring cups


The Tupperware measuring cups and measuring spoons set are constructed of a sturdy, durable plastic. The cups nest together snugly, saving room in your cupboard and keeping them all nicely organized. The measuring spoons have a ring to keep them all together. I have another set of measuring cups that have broken off at the handle when I was scooping dry ingredients like flour or sugar, but that isn't even a concern with these--they are made of hardier stuff. The measurement numbers on the handles of the spoons and cups are embossed/raised, so there's no need to worry about them rubbing away or washing off in the dishwasher (like another set of measuring cups I have had). My favorite thing about these measuring cups is that they include the lesser-made sizes: 2/3rds and 3/4ths, saving you time and giving more options. While it is somewhat expensive, this set will last you for a long, long time.


San Antonio, TX


Great product!


I love Tupperware, and I really like this measuring cups/spoons set! I love the spoon set because it is easy to use, and I love the ring that comes with them to clip them all on,and keep them organized! I really like the measuring cups set as well! I love the little pouring spout , which makes it really nice to pour things, and I like the look of them. The handles are really easy to hold, and grip very easily. They are made very strong and durable! and of course they will be replaced for free if something happens to them! I believe it's worth it to pay more, and have something that will last you a lifetime! My mom has been married 27 years and she still has the same Tupperware measuring spoon/cup set! (They are the older style of course but she loves them) I would recommend this to all my friends! Ease of Cleaning Very easy to use and clean! Durability These cups and spoons are very well made, and very strong! Design I love the design of these!






I have used the Tupperware measuring cups and spoons since I was a little girl helping my mom in the kitchen.  While the style has changed a bit, many things have remained the same...one of them being the fact that I love them! There are several things that I love about the Tupperware measuring cups and spoons.  One of them is the fact that they include more measurement sizes than the majority of measuring cup and spoon sets.  In addition to the usual 1/4, 1/3, ½ and 1 cup measurements, you'll also find 2/3 cup and ¾ cup measures.  And the measuring spoons come with 6 measurements: 1/8, ¼, 1/2 , 1tsp., ½ tbsp and 1 tbsp. Both sets stack nicely into each other providing easy, organized storage.  The shape of the cups makes it easy to measure solids or liquids and both sides of the cup have a pour spout which makes dumping a liquid a cinch.  Though made of plastic, these measuring cups and spoons have never stained for me even though I have used them for many things including tomato based items.  The style of the cups and spoons also makes them easy to grasp and use.  The handles are wide and tapered in such a way that they are easy to grasp and make it hard to drop.  Each item has the unit of measure written on the handle in plain view.  I've owned my set for 4+ years and the writing has not worn off one bit- and I bake and cook every day. 


Lancaster, PA


The Tupperware Measuring Cups & Spoon Are Really Durable!


I normally wouldnt spen so much on measuring cups and spoon but once I felt them...I had to have them. The are def. a heavy duty, thick, plastic. The ergonomic design is actually really nice and the measurments are accurate (i have has ones in the past that were not accurate)


Chelsea, MI


Perfect set of measuring cups


The Tupperware Measuring Cup set is by far the best set I have ever owned. I love it because of the sizes that are included in the set. You get all of the following sizes in the set: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1. I've never seen other set that come with the 2/3 and 3/4 cup but it is very handy to have. They are easy to store because they stack inside each other and stay in place. They are also perfect for pouring out of because of the spout feature that is on them. There is a spout on both sides which is convenient if your crazy in the kitchen. The Tupperware set also has the size of the cup on embossed on the handle of each cup. I consider this a very practical thing because I've had previous sets where the numbers are painted on and they wash off. This set can go into the dishwasher and be perfectly fine. They are a little pricey but will definitely last for a while and I think are worth the money.


Tulsa, OK


Tupperware Measuring Cups & Measuring Spoons Set

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