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Tupperware Hello Kitty Kids Collection

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Hello Kitty Bento Styled Container: Durable And Cute!


Hello Kitty themed products can be found almost anywhere and this addition from Tupperware is great for younger girls. This has to side rectangular compartments and a center slot that can be used for the flatware. It is decorated with the Hello Kitty imagery and is an officially licensed Sanrio product. The compartments are easy to clean and this is more durable than I expected it to be; its survived more than a few drops off the counter with no cracking. I do suggest that you hand wash and air dry this so that the stenciled images do not mar or start to fade. There are some great companion products for this in the Tupperware series however some of them are no longer in production so you may have to pay a little more for them from a third party reseller. I got this as a gift and was really surprised at the construction of it and that the compartment lids were sturdy. I don't heat things up in this or put it in the dishwasher. If you want to stick with the Hello Kitty theme you can get soft sided lunch bags that this can be placed inside with an ice pack to keep sandwiches and fruit chilled but even on it's own, it does a great job of protecting food.



Great retro Hello Kitty for fans.


Tupperware is coming out with a new Hello Kitty Sandwich Keeper and Tumbler Set in the New Fall & Holiday Catalog. Set one is Hello Kitty Retro Set Set two is Hello Kitty Rainbow Set Both sets include Sandwich Keeper and 16 oz. tumbler with virtually liquid-tight seal and flip-top spout. These are a fun way to get everyone who loves Hello Kitty to save money and have a good lunch on the go. To see this and other items in the new Fall & Holiday Catalog 2010, please go to: http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-html/G/ginanorton-welcome.html

Ray Brook, NY


Tupperware Hello Kitty Kids Collection

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