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Built to last


So, as I turned the big "34" I decided that it was time to start getting myself back into shape.  I have done a LOT of research on many ellipticals, and the purchase/research of this elliptical was DEFINATELY WORTH IT!! I appreciate that fact that this is built to last.  The weight capacity is higher than most (except for the sole', which is way more expensive!).  The stride is perfect for me (i am 5 7) as well as the multitudes of programs that it offers. This machine allows you the ability to get back on the horse(figuratively speaking) and begin to get your body back or or continue to be in shape.  The machine is almost mute, three is barely a nocs when i am on it as well as a plethora of choices when it comes to the preset programs that it offers.  Futhermore, , it allows you to monitor your pulse to make sure that you are not working to hard or that your heart rate is not to high (you can look at the manual that they provide to see your ideal heartrate). All in all, I highly recommend this prodict if youa re looking for a high quilaity machine to last for years.

Merritt Island, FL



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