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Tums Freshers Antacid in Cool Mint

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Great product but, doesn't freshen breath.


I think that the Tums work for indigestion. They provide almost instant relief in a secrete way. It's great not to be embarrassed when I get indigestion. I just pop in a "mint" and my problem is solved. I also like that the product isn't chalky. I hate the chalky ones because they taste bad a make a mess. With these my hands stay clean. One thing is that the "freshers" part doesn't work. These Tums don't freshen my breath at all. But, they do have a lot of other great feature that make up for it. Effectiveness The Tums are extremely effective for indigestion. The problem goes away almost instantly. They however don't get rid of bad breath. Ease of Use These Tums are super easy to use, you just pop one in your mouth. The product is about they size of a mint. Immediacy The product works almost instantly. It like as soon as I swallow it my indigestion is gone. I really like this for when I need fast relief for my indigestion.



Savor Fresh , Fast Relief.


Not a mint, Not an antacid but both in one tablet. One to taste good with fast relief. Spearmint freshness with a thereafter effect. A really good antacid that is also gluten-free. So worry no longer. Enjoy a fast relief with a fresh breath , try Tums Freshers Antacid .



Tums on a downslide?


I bought Tums Freshers antacids when I couldn't locate the regular Tums in the drugstore I was at. I thought I would give them a try, the thought of a minty taste got my curiosity going. I thought the price was high but my heartburn was really acting up. I take antacids regularly because the medication I have to take is tough on my stomach. The new version of tums tasted good. I'll give it that much but it didn't work for the heartburn. I ended up two than three still to no avail. You don't get that many in a container for the cost that it is. Often I wonder why a company changes a good thing...is it just to get more sales? In this case it backfired. I went to another drugstore and didn't even bother looking for the regular tums. By than I needed something really strong. No, I definitely do not recommend. Waste of money unless you like expensive mints. Effectiveness Did not work for heartburn. Immediacy I waited a few hours and still no relief.

Fort Gratiot, MI


Tums Freshers taste great! But do they work?


Tums Freshers is a new antacid product, made by Tums. I have relied on the original Tums formula for years for mild heartburn, and was intrigued by the added benefit of fresh breath advertised with Tums Freshers. What I discovered was that this formula is very different from the original in may ways. It has a great taste and isn't chalky like regular Tums. But does it work? Effectiveness When heartburn strikes, a typical dose of two (2) regular formula Tums is enough to do the trick pretty quickly for me. That is not the case with Tums Freshers. While they do taste much better than the original, I did not think they worked as well for heartburn. They are really more like a mint for fresh breath than anything else. I did not feel relief from my heartburn with two of these antacids and had to resort to the regular formula after use. Ease of Use They are very easy to use. They come in a smaller container than regular Tums and look nothing like the original. They remind me of a larger version of a Tic Tac mint. They aren't chalky or soft, and have very much the same consistency of a Tic Tac. Immediacy I've always regarded regular Tums as pretty fast-acting, but Tums Freshers are not. I took two antacids, and after 30 minutes I broke down and took two more of the regular Tums. Keep in mind that I only have mild heartburn on a very rare occassion, so I'm not trying to treat anything severe here. Although I really liked the taste of Tums Freshers, I think I'll stick to the original formula for heartburn relief.

Jacksonville, NC


Tums Freshers Antacid in Cool Mint taste good, but lack calcium


Tums Freshers Antacid in Cool Mint are so different to regular Tums. First off Tums are round, and flat, and you can chew them really easy. Tums Freshers are oval, and look like a pill. I love the freshness of the Cool Mint flavor, but miss the bigger version of them. I had samples sent me, and the first one I just chewed. I had to break it up, as it had a crunch to it, and then was able to chew the rest of it. I love the taste, but it did leave a slight chalky taste in my mouth. The second one I just sucked, and it was more like a mint. I didn't take them as an antacid, as I have osteoporosis, but as a supplement. I was disappointed that they only have 200mg of calcium in them. It states to take 2 - 4 tablets at a time. I have to go back to my generic of tums, as I love the berry flavor. I take 5 of them a day, and my doctor is really happy with me. They are cheap, and really taste good too. Effectiveness They don't have as much calcium in them as I need. Ease of Use Tums are chewable, or you can suck them. Extremely easy to do. Immediacy I use them as a supplement, so take them over a 16 hour period.

New Port Richey, FL


Tums Freshers Antacid in Cool Mint

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