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Tums Extra 750 Chewable Tablets - Assorted Berries

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Works Every Time


Tums sugar free melon berry antacid tablets are soooo wonderful! They work great! They dissolve quickly and taste great! They have NO chalky feeling. That's so important to my family. The number one complaint they ever have is "it's gritty" ... These Aren't! I will buy the again and again. After only about 10 minutes, I'm better .. Thank you Tums!



These even taste good!


Although one of the cheapest medications for heartburn or upset stomach, this does the trick better than most other more expensive medicines. As a heartburn sufferer, I've tried them all. I prefer Tums. They are the easiest to take, the cheapest in price, and they have no side affects. This particular item has berry flavors and they are not bad tasting at all. They taste more like candy than any other medication I've taken. They have the ''chalky'' taste still, but the berry flavoring makes it easier to chew. I personally use Tums for heartburn, but when I have used for upset stomach, they work just as good. They work within usually about 1/2 hour and last for hours afterwards. Lastly, these have calcium in them, which is nice for lactose intolerant people or people who do not have enough calcium in their diets. I do not drink milk and like the fact when I take a Tum, I am getting extra calcium. I'd recommend this exact bottle of Tums over any other. The taste is good and the price is right!



Helps a lot with antacid and tastes great


This by far is my favorite antacid. I prefer the tums chewable to the liquid brands. Although there is a slight chalky taste with the chewables, this flavor does a great job masking any of that. The liquids are by far the worst in terms of chalky-ness. I tried those first and really had a hard time getting them down. The thought the tablets wouldn't be as effective, but was surprised that they worked just as quickly and effectively as their liquid counterparts. The berry flavor is the best of the Tums options. All of the varieties are mild in flavor, but sweet enough to "make the medicine go down"! I even give them to my kids once in a while and feel comfortable with how it works on them. I also love the extra calcium that you get by taking the Tums. I don't know if the calcium helps the antacid part, but as a woman I like another chance I have to add calcium to my day. There have been times when I have even just used Tums as my calcium supplement.



Tums Extra 750 Chewable Tablets - Assorted Berries

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