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Tums Calcium Plus

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Thank Goodness For My Tums Calcium Plus!


I got heartburn for the first time when I was pregnant with my son.  I must say I thought I was having a heart attack.  Heartburn is so painful and when I say in the title, "Thank Goodness For My Tums Calcium Plus!"  I truly mean it.  I am lucky in that I do not have to deal with heart burn on a daily basis, like some people that I know.   So I have never had to take the daily medications.  But every now again when I do get heart burn I just take two to four of the Tums and it is gone instantly.  It was what my doctor recommended some twenty odd years ago the first time I got heart burn during my pregnancy.  (Never take any medication during pregnancy without consulting your doctor!)  and it is what I still take to this day.  The only thing that has changed in all these years is that now I take the Tums Calcium Plus.  That is because now I that I am an "old" lady the extra calcium is good for my bones.  I would recommend Tums Calcium Plus to anyone who suffers from heart burn and has not tried it.  

Springfield, OR


Delicious AND nutritious!


I always thought that Heartburn and Indigestion were for old people, based upon the commercials for antacids as well as my grandmother's common complaints. However, when I reached my mid to late teens I found that I was frequently suffering from both. Also knowledge I gained from advertising, was knowing that certain foods, usually spicy, greasy, rich and high calorie foods were the cause of these symptoms. So for most people making an eating adjustment is failry easy. However, I noticed that I suffered from these ailments most often after eating several foods that are considered extremely healthy. The usualy culprits were/ are bell peppers, broccoli, and cucumbers. So, when I continued suffereing I turned to antacids to sooth my pain. I tried several, but none have been successful and enjoyable to take to me as Tums have been. Tums usually begin working within 20-30 minutes and come in a variety of flavors that I find very enjoyable. Some people believe that the texture of Tums are unpleasant and compare it to chalk, however I like it, and think of them almost as little candies. I usually take the kind that have extra calcium added, because it is very important to keep your bones strong!

Sandy, UT


Tums Calcium Plus

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