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Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

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Tulip Soft Fabric Paint: Washable And Wearable!


One of the biggest problems with paints used for clothing is that it feels like you glued a piece of cardboard to your clothing and there's no movement to it. Tulip created a new soft fabric paint for clothing that is flexible and doesn't fade when washed according to their laundering directions on the package. Eventually you will have some fading of the brighter colors but you can touch up those areas with another layer of the same color of fabric paint. You can purchase the colors individually but the five, seven and ten color packs let you save a little money and most of the sets come with paint brushes. If you are curious about this type of fabric paint I strongly suggest that you buy a couple of the individual colors to try it out and see if it is going to work out for your projects before you invest in the sets. I have used these paints on t-shirts for younger kids and to make shirts for their parents. I used some old plates and poured the paint into them and had the kids put their hands in the paint then press them on to the shirts. It took about four hours for all of the paint to dry but the shirts looked amazing and the moms that got them from their kids for Mother's Day were blown away at the colors as well as the detailing of the hands on the shirts.



Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

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