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Tulip Dimensional Metallic Fabric Paint

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Mixed Feelings About This Set of Fabric Paints


I purchased this set of paints to personalize 3 canvas storage cubes for my children.  I have used squeezable fabric paints a few times in the past, but I am not an expert by any means.  What I wanted out of these was to be able to make line drawings on these canvas bins and to write each child's name. This particular Starter Set came with 6 colors . . . purple, red, blue, yellow, black, and white.  According to the directions on the package, I should just be able to shake well, put the tip on the surface, squeeze, and apply.  I started with the purple paint and was very pleased with how the paint flowed evenly and how easy it was to control.  It was like drawing with a pen (almost).  I found the purple, red, and yellow to perform nicely. The blue, black, and white paints did *not* perform as well unfortunately.  Even though I shook the bottle vigorously, the white paint was runny in the beginning.  I had much less control and the white paint came out of the bottle in spurts.  The white watery parts ran and could not be removed once it soaked into the fabric.  The black and blue paints bled in the beginning even though I, again, shook the bottles very well. On the plus side, I was able to apply paint over wet paint without any mess.  It is very easy to build dimension with these paints.  I learned this because I had to paint right over all the places where the white, black and blue paints bled.  If I had known this would happen ahead of time, I would have squeezed some paint out of the bottles prior to applying the paint to the fabric.  That reduces the value to me, though, because that is paint wasted. Overall, I am pleased with the final product, but it caused me to experience much stress and aggravation, not to mention costing a lot of extra time.


Framingham, MA


Tulip Dimensional Metallic Fabric Paint

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