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Tube, Household Goop, Replaces Rubber Cement, Co 3.7 oz

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Here's the poop on Amazing Household Goop !


This is my go-to glue. It is strong. It glues anything to anything. It dries fairly quickly. When dry it is flexible and clear and waterproof. If you get it where it does not belong (happens to the best of us) it will peel off with a little effort. It does have a light "glue aroma" so it should be used in a reasonably well ventilated area. I have used Amazing Household Goop on things as diverse as gluing cat's eye cabochons to heavy glass containers to make vases and candle holders; attaching new couplings to my garden hose; mending a rip in a well-loved leather bomber jacket; reattaching a shoe sole; attaching a cork cushion to a marble slab I use as a bread board. It works on wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, paper, fabric, leather and tile. If you are tired of having 12 different bottles of glue sitting around the house drying out, toss them and get a tube of Amazing Household Goop.


Frankfort, OH


Goop is an amazing glue that works!


Goop is an all purpose glue. It is easy to work with and works so well. I've never had any luck with super glue. Most of that would end up sticking my fingers together. Goop works on china, glass, metal, marble, tile, wood, plastic, fabric and many more items. This past Christmas I  got out my various decorations and used the Goop to repair so many items. I had cracked my headlight on my car and it broke into several pieces. I used the Goop to repair it and it turned out amazingly well. It has held up through rain and snow. I'm always finding a new way to use it. You have to try it to see for yourself.


Chester Springs, PA


Tube, Household Goop, Replaces Rubber Cement, Co 3.7 oz

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