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True Religion
True Religion True Religion For Men

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Smells soo good


I got this for my husband and love when he wears it! It smells amazing! It's got that younger-guy cologne smell, but not like the typical abercrombie. My husband is super picky about what he wears, and so am I. This is one of two colognes that he or I have ever found that he likes! The bottle is really cool and manly looking too :)


Hinesville, GA


smells great


I was recentley shopping for cologne for my boyfriend as a gift when i came across this true religion cologne and i instantly loved it i couldnt stop smelling it i knew i just had to buy it for him. the price was pretty reasonable i mean its up there but its not nay more than the other good quality colognes out there so you cant really complain because you get what you pay for and you deffinatley get quality in this cologne. when i gave it to him as a gift he loved it too and now he wears it all the time and all his other colognes are just pushed to the side now. this is deffinatley his favorite one now and mine as well. i love hugging him more than ever now lol and when i go home at night i can still smell the light scent and i love that. i deffinatley will purchase this for him again once his bottle runs out that i gave him. i would recommend this to anyone out there looking at it to buy as a gift or for themselves.


Las Vegas, NV


True Religion True Religion For Men

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