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True Ceramic Pro
True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron 1 Inch

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Great product if it lasts...


Initially, I loved my True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron... it turned my super wavy/frizzy, uncontrollable mess of a head, into sleek, smooth, fashionable tresses. I would have preferred a bit thicker than a one inch model, as it takes a bit of time do to hair with only a one inch model, but the one inch model was on sale. I should have taken the sale as a warning. Because a mere 100 days into using this flat iron, it completely shorted out. I tried to take it back to the store I had purchased it at, but they had a 90 day return policy, and I had used it. So I called the manufacturer... and instead of the one year manufacturer warranty you would expect most products to have, the True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron only has a THIRTY DAY warranty. On top of not being willing to do anything to replace the product that worked for a mere three months, the customer service representatives were downright rude and kept insisting I must have mis-used the product or dropped it, etc. I know I didn't drop it. It shorted out when I tried to plug it in, and none of my other hair electronics have ever done that. Needless to say, this is the last appliance I will be buying from this manufacturer.



The Tru-Ceramic Pro is a worthwile product!


I purchased the Tru-Ceramic Pro about six months ago and have seen great results thus far! My normally frizzy hair becomes board straight in half an hour or less! This was a big issue for me because I often don't have the time to spend an hour on my hair in the mornings. Therefore, I would end up rushing with other flat iron products, which would often result in clumps of hair being ripped out of my scalp! Other key differences between this straigthening iron and others is the high temperature and true ceramic plates. I like using this product and knowing that it is not causing as much damage to my hair as other products. In addition, may hair is left with a certain shine, which is definitely an added bonus. The only drawback of this product is that it is not dual voltage. Therefore, I cannot use it when I travel to Europe. But I guess that is irrelevant considering the benefits and advantages of Tru-Ceramic Pro!

Flagstaff, AZ


True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron 1 Inch

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