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True Blue Trucks Magazine

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A great truck and magazine


Ford trucks offer owners a great ride and even more reliability. And the ford magazine gives owners information about how to get the most out of owning a ford truck. I was never really interested in reading a magazine that was created by a manufacturer because I always felt is was little More that a propaganda sheet. But the ford magazine offers readers tech info about current models and future models, stories about other owners and their experiences and info about clubs and events for ford truck owners. When new models are coming out the magazine will do a detailed article Explaining the differences and improvements in the coming models. It will also give information about the new options available and details About the cool New features. Reading theagazine is similar to going to the dealership to learn about the newest models without the hassle of dealing with the high pressure sales staff.

Gilbert, AZ


True Blue Trucks is a down-to-earth mag for working man trucks


As the name True Blue implies, this is a magazine for Ford truck owners and enthusiasts. What sets it apart from all the other Blue Oval-based gearhead mags out there is the fact that it caters to Ford Truck owners who actually use their vehicles as work rigs. You will see the usual assortment of modified and over-restored trucks here but you'll also find plenty of ink devoted to beater trucks and trucks that have seen better days. There's even a "Left For Dead" feature in each issue for those tired old carcasses that will likely never be more than parts donors anymore. I always find something interesting to read inside, whether it's a fact-filled mechanical project they're walking us through or a pictoral on vintage "survivor" trucks with original paint and mechanicals or even photo essays of club meets featuring the early F-Series in all their restored glory. The magazine is an excellent source for anyone looking to restore an early model Ford truck as they focus on reader rides that are kept as original as possible. In some ways it's a picture encyclopedia of things old and Ford. I learn something new each and every issue, things which further endear me to the Ford brand and keep me inspired to hang onto my storm-rumpled, Plain Jane 4X4 as it rumbles into its geriatric years. True Blue Trucks relies heavily on reader submissions - which could easily spell disaster - but the quality of the reader-supplied articles is always suprisingly refined. They pack each issue with a richly diverse literary flavor which you just don't find anymore with any of the homogenized, glossy automotive mags out there. Content is always satisfying - you never feel as if you're flipping through page after page of ads like with other publications. The magazine is still new, still growing and continues to get better as the editors lock things down tighter. If you like Ford trucks, particularly those that do honest work for a living, this publication might be for you. And if you've got a Ford with an interesting story to tell, you may even find your own rig between the pages someday. It's too bad more enthusiast vehicle publications don't break from the herd and follow the less glamorous, yet more interesting, path being charted by True Blue Trucks. There's a lot more to these noble machines than paint and lift kits. There's dents and rust and grime and worn out interiors and base motors that never say die. That's what makes a truck a truck. At least now *somebody* finally gets it.

Houston, TX


True Blue Trucks Magazine

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