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Trudie Skylar's Warrior Yoga

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Trudy Skylar's Warrior Yoga Will Test Your Limits


As a yoga teacher, I am frequently asked about practice DVD's. There are quite a few of them, and it bothers me when someone gets discouraged because he or she is practicing something that is just too difficult. Warrior Yoga is a good example - it is a challenging flow and requires some yoga background. In other words, not the best choice for beginners. The important thing to remember in yoga practice is that pushing yourself is ok; hurting yourself isn't. Testing your limits is good; gettiing discouraged because you can't yet do a binding pose, or a full boat pose, isn't. In the case of Warrior Yoga, the poses and pace are relatively challenging, particularly to beginners. Although the DVD notes refer to the positions as "gentle", that doesn't mean they are easy. And since this is a one hour flow series, there isn't much guidance on moving from pose to pose safely. That being said, I love this DVD. Once you are acquainted with the subtle adjustments necessary to perform a pose - which muscles to use, which to relax, for example - and have your breathing basics down, this is a fun flow series. Trudy Styler is married to Sting, and his music accompanies the program. Filmed in Tuscany, it is visually stunning. Some of the vinyasas are unusual, which adds enough variety to keep it interesting. It is physically challenging but not exhausting. Another plus to this DVD is there is an "express" option. Lasting only 30 minutes, it is an abbreviated version of the Warrior Yoga program which can be more easily fit into a busy schedule. It also lets you adjust somewhat to the pace and become more familiar with the individual poses before transitioning to the full hour. If you use DVD's in your home practice, Warrior Yoga is a good workout, different enough from other DVD's to hold your interest. I wouldn't start with this as a beginner, but for advanced beginners and above it is a good choice.

Trenton, GA


Trudie Skylar's Warrior Yoga

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