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Troybilt 8000KW Generator

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 When looking for a new generator to replace my older one, I needed one that was simple to use, large enough for the loads I needed to power, and priced so I would feel good about something that may never be used, but provides the insurance, in case of an extended power failure. As always, I searched the internet looking for a generator that was bigger than the 5KW unit I had. The problem with only 5KW is that it was not big enough to power my water pump. The Troybilt I decided on was found at Lowes. The main advantages are the extremely high surge wattage available (13,500 watts) and it was electric start. It is also very simple to operate and with the addition of a matched transfer switch, well within the ability of my wife to setup and operate. It also includes wheels, which is an option on many other units. Hooked everything up and it easily ran all the loads I applied to it.

Middle Grove, NY


Troybilt 8000KW Generator

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