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Troy Bilt
Troy-Bilt TB330XP Deluxe Self Propelled Mower


Get the ultimate traction, performance and torque with the Troy-Bilt XP Series lawn mowers. The TB330 XP features a rear wheel self-propelled drive SelectSpeed transmission for increased traction, as well as precise speed control. Easily raise and lower cutting height with the single-lever height adjuster. And with the capability to side discharge, mulch or bag, this lawn mower gives you the versatility to handle any yard.

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Easy to use


Very easy to use. Awesome for landscaping and mulching. Anyone can use it, very light and with the grips it's very comfortable.

Durant, OK


Was a bust


I bought this mower thinking that I would be getting a superior product. That is just not the case and I ended up selling this on Craigslist just to get rid of it. I imagined that it would have a great self propel and would be a breeze to use and you would just walk behind it. I was wrong. You still have to push the mower even though it is self propelled. It helps you in certain situations like hills or bumpier ground, but for the most part you still have to push. I also felt like this "great feature" just ate up more gasoline. It gave my hand cramps to pull down the handle for the entire day because it was so hard to hold. I also feel like this model is harder to start up than others. I would really recommend spending your hard earned money elsewhere. Handling You still have to use a lot of muscle to push this mower even though it is self propelled. Durability I don't know about durability because I got rid of it after a few uses. Ease of Use Not really as easy to use as advertised. Self propel is not as great as stated.



Easy Exercise


This is one of the easiest mowers to start. The most beneficial characteristic of this mower is the self-propelled feature. It makes doing the lawn like taking a brisk walk. Performance This lawnmower does the job. I prefer to mulch and the bag catches all the cuttings I add to my garden. Handling The self-propelled feature is a great boon as I would never get the small slope of the front yard without this. Durability I have had three of these each with their own failures but each lasted for 3 years. The last mower however hit a brick and bent the blade; yet, the crankshaft was ok which gives me a better appreciation for the Troybilt. Safety The one safety feature I most appreicate is that it will shut off when I release the bar at the top of the frame. Keeps the mower more in tune with the project at hand. Ease of Use This is one easy mower to start. As long as the maintenance is kept up there is no problem getting this one in gear and mow the lawn. Engine Power The engine runs great. I accidently left the oil fill cap loose and oil went everywhere on the top of the mower. After I cleaned it; the engine sputtered a little but after the oil was burned off, it performed as new.



Troy-Bilt TB330XP Deluxe Self Propelled Mower

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