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Troy-Bilt Rider Mower 38 in Cut

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This Riding Lawnmower Works!


The Troy-Built Riding Lawnmower really works. To begin with, I love the way that it cuts my grass. The Troy-Built cuts my grass like a professional really came to your house. Second, it makes really good turns. For example, you can go all the way around a tree and it wont even make a scratch on the lawnmower when you get most of the of the grassaroun the tree. Third, its really easy to function. For instance, the levers stay in place but they are really easy to switch gears, adjust the speed, and go forward, neutral, and reverse. I think that everyone should buy this lawnmower because this Troy-Built RIding Lawnmower thirty-eight inch cut worksso good it will make your grass fresher and greener looking. If I love it I bet you will to. The model number is 13AX78KS011


Richland, MO


Troy-Bilt Rider Mower 38 in Cut

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