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Troy Bilt Electric blower/vacuum

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troy bilt built tough


bought this to replace a blacken decker leaf blower and was so happy it is strong and fairly quiet for a leaf blower and it has a built in mulching attachment.. this part is cool it suck up the leafs and sreads them to make mulch for the garden or the compost pile..its pretty light weight has multi spead feature. wish it had a retracable cord or cordless but you get what you pay for bought other brand and took it right back had no power took to long to charge and cost so much this only cost 40 and i dont feel ripped off... troy buit makes great tillers and they stand the test of time so will this i think if not it has a awsome money back offer.so if thinking of which brand to take home and there are a lot this one deserves to get a try.

Mount Dora, FL


This Troy Bilt electric blower is powerful


I purchased this Troy Bilt leaf blower last fall for several reasons. One is that I have always had good luck with the brand Troy Bilt. Another reason is that I wanted a unit with a vacumn feature so that I didn't have to rake up the leaves and bag them when I was finished with the leaf blower. I was really impressed with how powerful the leaf blower is and how long the cord is. It makes it really simple for me to reach most of my back yard without having to use an extension cord. I wanted an electric blower so that I didn't have to bother with charging the battery and this model has worked out very well for me. We have a yard with lots of trees and bushes and there is a lot of clean up in the fall. Before I got this blower I would spend so much time raking and bagging that I couldn't believe it. I knew that I had to get them cleaned up or I would be in a mess in the spring so I did it every year. What a relief to find this leaf blower that cuts my work in half and does a great job.

Elko, NV


My Troy Bilt Electric blower/vacuum saves my time and my energy.


Our household recently received a very valuable item.  The item was a Troy-Bilt electric blower/vacuum.  This is really a treat.  It is a leaf and grass blower which includes a vacuum.  I have need this item for a long time.  Even though I love country living, the sidewalk, huge driveway and patio have always been a chore to keep clean.  The side walk and the patio usually tire me out especially after the huge lawn has been mowed.  The driveway looked neglected because it came last on the sweeping list and it counted as two chores to me!  Now I can blow or vacuum all areas at the same time.  This makes everything look neat and clean and I have time to go out and have fun without feeling exhausted.  This purchase was an excellent choice not only because it saves me time and a lot of physical energy.It is not always easy for me to read and follow directions.  I am happy to tell you the directions are extremely easy to understand and this model is also easy to assemble.  I do not have to ask anyone for help anymore.  I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to keep their areas clean and still have time to go out and have fun!

Tuscaloosa, AL


Troy Bilt Electric blower/vacuum

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