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Troy-Bilt 4 cycle cultivator/edger

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Troy-Bilt 4 Cyle Cultivator Needs Geritol!


Hubby and I love having a huge vegetable garden each year so when we first moved in our new home in Fort Gratiot, MI (3 years ago) a new cultivator/tiller was on top of our "must have" list.  He bought the Troy-Bilt 4 cycle gas cultivator in hopes of using it for years to come.  We didn't encounter any difficulties during the first spring season and he was raving about this mean little machine.  It was great too because he had to go through sod and a lot of tough soil.  He was thrilled and so was I.  Unfortunately as the years passed on, Troy-Bilt's product waned.  In fact it reminded me of myself, finding it hard to do ordinary jobs as I aged (smile).  The main problem being that it is difficult getting it started and keeping the tiller going.  My husband did get the garden tilled over Memorial Day weekend but it took twice as long using this cultivator.  Hopefully, we this tool hangs on until the economy get's better because right now we can't afford a new cultivator.  Would I recommend this product...No!


Fort Gratiot, MI


tills sometimes, not often enough


The Troy;built 4 cycle cultivator tills up a storm when it will run. Sorry to say the tiller has been in the shop more than my garden. The service man says the carburetors do not last a long time. I have to agree. I have had this machine for 3 years an it has been in the shop each year. I like the cultivator very much. The most prominent problem I have had is running the machine for a while, shutting it off to rest myself and not being able to get the machine to start again. Oh well maybe I run it too hard. I really do like the fact that the machine is 4 cycle. I do not have to mix oil with the gas. As long as it runs, it does a very good job.


Sulphur Springs, TX


Troy-Bilt 4 cycle cultivator/edger

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