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Troy-Bilt 21-inch 160cc Self Propelled Mower

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Strong, easy but short lived.


Lasted one season. I mow once every two-three weeks. We replaced the gas, used ether, mechanic in a bottle, nothing. Performance When it ran it was great. Handling Changing deck height, speed, etc was very easy. Durability Lasted one season. Ease of Use Very good when it ran. Engine Power I ran it through thick grass and weeds in one pass with no problems.




Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Mower makes mowing easy


When I grew up I was "privileged" with using my fathers push mower. Every time I used it I felt as if I was pushing a boulder on wheels and when I complained I would hear "it builds character". I recently purchased my first home and I am yet again "privileged" to mow the lawn; however this time it's with a Troy-Bilt Self Propelled lawn mower! Instead of pushing a boulder on wheels, you get pulled around the yard without any effort. **Pros:** Never push again! This mower will literally pull you around and all you have to do is direct it in the direction you want it to go. I don't even break a sweat when mowing my entire front & back yard at 9 AM in the morning every week. Super easy to start. No more pulling a string a dozen times and throwing your shoulder out of socket. My wife commented that it was easy for her to use while I was out of town and had no issues with it either. Maintenance is easy and the manual that comes with it gives you a very simple & easy to read guide on when to perform up-keep tasks. **Cons:** This is heavier than standard push-mowers and because of that it can be more difficult to turn until you get the hang of it. Pivoting the mower by pushing down on the handle and turning seems to work the best. **Overall:** Troy Bilt is a great name brand and I stand by their products. After buying the mower I even went with one of their weed-wackers which was also easy to use & pefect.


Columbus, OH


Exchanged 3 times - not very pleased


I bought this lawn mower because it had a Honda engine, but troy built frame, etc.  My biggest issue with this lawn mower is the lack of accessibility to the self propelled wheels.  What I mean is, they make a screaching noise towards the end of my lawn mowing and I would just like to spray them with wd-40 or some other lubricant, but there is no access.  Instead, I have to deal with a screaching noise.  I exchanged this 3 times in the beginning hoping it was just a unique issue, but each one had the same problem.


Rochester, NY


This Troy Bilt really makes pushing mowing easy!


My husband bought me this mower for my birthday and I was a little disappointed, as any wife would be. But I always do the push mowing when we mow and I soon became very thankful! This mower makes pushing mowing a breeze. I can mow the banks and hills and never break a sweat. If you have never used a self-propelled mower, you will never look back. It does all the work for you. This mower has also been very reliable. We have not had one problem with it. Also it has different speed settings, so if you are getting close to something you can go slower. It took me a little while to get used to turning it but now I really love this mower. I recommend this mower to anyone. It doesn't matter if you do a little push mowing or a lot, this mower will pay for itself. As far as price goes, this mower is about comparable with the rest of the self-propelled mowers. But no matter if it was more expensive, I would pay it for this great mower!


Monterey, TN


Good reliable machine -- gets the job done!


I have had my Troy Bilt 21" Self Propelled Mower for a couple of years and have had no problems with it at all. I change the oil after each season and keep "Sta-bil" in the tank and it has started every time. It is a good dependable machine. I use the mulching feature most of the cutting season and then switch to the bagger during leaf season.


Wyoming, MI


Amazing Machine


When I bought this mower 6 years ago it was important to me that it start easy and be self  propelled because I am a woman. It never needs more than 2 pulls to start it.  This machine does everything I ask it to do, and I ask alot from it. In the spring it starts easy after being stored all winter under a tarp.  It cuts through 10 inch grass and weeds like butter.  I've worn out the blade twice and replaced it but this machine has needed very little in maintenance to keep running strong.** I highly recomend it.**


Laurel, MT


Great for the price, should last several years.


i have a fairly small yard and this mower does a great job.  the different speed settings are nice and it starts on the first pull nearly every time.  it is also very easy to pull.  nice even cut and easy to manuever.  my only complaint is that i didn't know that it was bad to wash the mower off after each mow so i rusted up the transmission and have to have it serviced.  very good quality for a reasonable price.


Broken Arrow, OK


Has a hefty mower that drives the cutters and the wheels


The Troy-Bilt 21" Self-propelled mower is a perfect lawnmower for my use. The self-propelled feature makes mowing a .34 acre lot, much less of a headache. The mower will drive itself up hills, through tall grass, and starts with one pull almost every time. The safety clutch ensures that the mower won't runaway if you lose your grip, so do not fret.   The only flaw I have found with this mower is the discharging bag that comes with it. The bag is a little small and fills up very quickly, which means that if you want your yard trimmings to be bagged, then you will need to start and stop the mower multiple times in order to empty the bag. It can be a real pain, which is why I use the side discharge chute that just throws the trimmings back onto the ground. The mower also only requires one oil change per year, and is really easy to do. The oil plug is easily accessible from the bottom. Overall, I have been really satisfied with this lawn mower. The quality is astounding for its price.


Hagerstown, MD


Love it!


I won mine in a Briggs and Stratton sweepstakes and I love it. They delivered it in a semi to my carport and I managed to find somebody to come over and put it together. It works great, is easy to use and practically maintenance free. I do have the guy up the street come every year to give it a tune up though. I was mowing my 3 acres with a murray push mower which was hard to start and was not self propelled so I really enjoy this mower. I also won a Troy-Bilt riding mower and I totally hate it. It broke down 5 times in the first year. A part fell off and I had to push it all the way from the back pasture to the front yard so that somebody could take it in to get repaired one time. Not fun. If you do buy the troy-bilt riding mower you probably need the entended warranty so that it can get picked up and dropped off for free. If I had known it would break down so much I would have purchased it. Now I get to see if it will work this year or if I have to haul it in to be fixed again..........


Jacksonville, AR


Really Gets The Job Done


              Well it seems like everywhere I go I wind up being the one to cut grass and where I live now is no exception. I learned how when all you saw was mostly the ones with spinner blades and no motor on them. You can believe that was not very much fun. When you were done you did not want to do anything else. At least now all of that has really changed.              The place I live now I cut the grass since my buddy and his wife are working all the time. Now this yard is a big yard to mow so he bought a Troy-Bilt Self Propelled mower so it would be easier. He has only used it a couple of times because I use it for him. It is a very good mower with a good set up.             160cc. 21" Cut Self Propelled MowerSelect Speed transmission lets you choose and maintain the perfect speed for you. Single lever deck height adjustment is simple to use and quickly adjusts cutting height. Get maximum traction on all terrains with the rear wheel drive. Honda Automatic Release Choke System eliminates any worries about engine flooding. So if you want a mower that works and is dependable check it out.


Zirconia, NC


Troy-Bilt 21-inch 160cc Self Propelled Mower

4.3 10