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Orange Juice
Tropicana Tropicana New Easy Pour Pitcher

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No messse


Having grandkids who love orange juice means that one often has sticky floors and counters. Since kids want to be grown up and pour their own, it often ends up making a mess. But then alogn comes this great product, which definitely does pour much easier than traditional orange juice containers. My floors and counters are so grateful for the advancement in orange juice packaging! But also, it's still great orange juice. Very flavorful and tasty, with a nice strong orange taste to it. It doesn't taste artificial at all. Packaging alone isn't a reason to give an orange juice 5 stars- you could pair a great pouring container with the worst tasting orange juice and I wouldn't but it. But this hits the great combination of both- easy to use packaging, paired together with great tasting orange juice, which is a homerun in my book! My kids get to feel grown up by pouring their own glasses, and then they get the healthy juice to drink, so we're both happy.

Clovis, CA


Tropicana Tropicana New Easy Pour Pitcher pours great!


I tried the Tropicana Tropicana New Easy Pour Pitcher and it worked great. I love Tropicana fresh orange juice and much prefer this new pouring container. Everyone in my family like the way this new container poured and there was no mess to clean up after pouring either. The countertop stayed clean and the refigerator shelf had no puddle underneath when I removed the container to pour the next glass either. I think this a great new design and since it is still plastic it can still be recycled too, unlike the waxed cardboard containers. The juice still tastes great and everyone is happy. I think this is great news for Mom's everywhere as I remember well how mcuh work it is to clean up the spills after little ones or to always have to pour it for them. I recommend this new Tropicana New Easy Pour Pitcher to everyone espcially Mom's and their little ones. Thanks Tropicana for coming up with this helpful new design!

Hyattsville, MD


Tropicana new easy pour pitcher - no spills


I love the new design and the flip top lid of the Tropicana new easy pour pitcher.  I actually prefer the OJ of another brand but hate the lid issues it has.  So we tried this type container and even our kids can pour their own juice...

Bonaire, GA


Tropicana Tropicana New Easy Pour Pitcher

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