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Trojan Spermicidal Condoms

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Spermicide Kills Sperm


Used these condoms for years, on and off (Get it). Really though, family planning and issues with other forms of birth control led me to the condom route on more than one long occasion. Trojan Spermicical Condoms seemed to be the logical choice, considering that beyond the actual condom catching ability, they were lubed with something that would kill any strays that swam away. Yes, I know condoms prevent disease too, but pregnancy was the only reason for use in my family. And you know what? No unwanted pregnancies. There are many options in condoms: big, spirals, ribbed, glow in the dark, sexy, whatever other keywords you can imagine. But I always asked myself why I was buying condoms in the first place. To prevent pregnancy. And the Spermicidal aspect always made me buy these. I didn't see other brands offer the same treatment either, or perhaps I might have been won over. 2 kids, both unprotected sex. 0 kids or unwanted pregnancies, Trojan Spermicidal

Hollywood, FL


i will never change brand


Trojan condoms: I must say their slogan most trusted condom is true my partner and me been together over three years and not once did we ever have a problem...I'm on birth control as back up or if we r out. Yeah the price is a little costly but i blame where we buy them a 3pk at wawa over five bucks but at giant and other big stores three four bucks so i guess even the price is fair....spermicidal to me gives u that extra safe feeling and unlike other brands who offer spermicidal condoms Trojans is perfect my bf does not have any irritations like he did the other brands. I recommend Trojans 110%

Schwenksville, PA


Trojan Spermicidal Condoms

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