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Triton Consumer Products
Triton Consumer Products Skeeter Stik

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Can't go the Distance!


 I have been eaten by mosquitoes this summer.  The bites swell, are hot to the touch and itch for days.  They make me miserable and so I have tried many over the counter remedies including the Triton product, **Skeeter Stik**. The active ingredient in the Skeeter Stik is **Benzocaine**.  It is the same ingredient used in products such as Anbesol, Lanacane and Orajel.  Benzocaine works by numbing the nerve endings so that the pain message can not be transmitted to the brain.  That would be great if the effect would last.  The problem is that in 30 minutes the itching and pain are back to its full strength and you want to tear your skin off again. Some people suffer nasty side effects from Benzocaine use so check with your doctor if you experience anything out of the ordinary when using this product.  **Easy to Use:** Skeeter Stik comes in a long, thin plastic tube with a twist cap that when opened reveals an  applicator that is easy to use.  It holds .47 fl. oz and lasts a long time. [even the way I pour it on] **Ingredients: ** 5% Benzocaine, 1% Menthol, Isopropyl Alcohol and Propylene Glycol

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Triton Consumer Products Skeeter Stik

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