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Triple Play
Triple Play Sit 'n' Stroll Travel System

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Very versatile


We purchased this stroller specifically to use as an FAA approved carseat on an airplane, and also as a carseat and stroller while on vacation with our 10 month old grandson.  It is very versatile and easy to use, but not quite as smooth a ride as a regular stroller.  Great for inside an airport on smooth floors and quick and easy to set up as a carseat.

Chicago, IL


Awesome idea but needs a few tweaks to make it perfect


I really do like this car seat and I've purchased it for both my children, one who is now 18 and my now 3 year old.  The idea is brilliant and much needed but I do have a few issues with this car seat. I bought one of these seats for travel when my now 18 year old was a baby.  We used it quite often and always received comments from people who thought it was really cool.  I really didn't do much traveling with it at the time but it was nice to use when my son fell asleep in the car and I could take the carseat out, change it to a stroller while he slept and stroll through the mall or just wheel him, still sleeping into the house to finish his nap. Fast forward to 3 years ago when I convinced my husband that we needed this item for our new baby boy.  I quickly lost my fascination with the seat this time around though.  First of all, this child, unlike his brother, has always refused to fall asleep in the car so it's never really been useful to us in that regard.  We did buy this mostly for travel and it has earned it's keep in that regard.  It is very nice to be able to have a carseat that turns into a stroller when rushing through a busy airport to your connecting gate with only minutes to spare.  However I noticed on our last trip that the seat is difficult to fit in some planes.  I had to get a seat extender on one of our flights to make it fit.  It also doesn't seem to fit very conveniently down the aisle of the plane. I don't know if the aisles are being made smaller but it was impossible to navigate this down the aisle without bumping into seats or elbows.  We actually gave up and ended up carrying the seat above all the airplane seats (with the child not in the seat).  I also have some serious issues with the safety of this seat.  Rear facing we didn't really have any issues but once we turned it forward facing, it seems awkward and not very easy to use.  I think there should be better instructions for the use of the seat once it's turned forward facing. I think this seat is a great concept and can be very useful but I wouldn't recommend it as a primary carseat and I would advise everyone to make sure they are using it correctly and don't count on using it to stroll down the airplane aisle easily.

Concord, NC


The triple play 5 in 1 Sit 'n Stroll is the only way to travel!


I LOVE this car seat! My husband's family lives in a different state than us so we travel atleast three times a year. I had read the reviews before buying this and they said this was the only way to travel with kids. I highly agree. If you are going to travel at all by air with a child, get this car seat. It is totally worth the higher price tag. We bought this for our 2 1/2 year old and have traveled many, many times with it. It is absolutely AWESOME in the airport. We have taken her out of the car in it. Left her strapped in it on the shuttle bus, gotten checked in, and pushed her right up to security. We then put it through the xray and put her right back in it until we get to the gate, check in plane side, and they have it waiting for us when we get off, then back in it she goes. It is so nice not having to have a car seat and a stroller. It's also nice because we don't need a seperate stroller while at Grandma's. We've used this as a stroller on many a walk with Grandma and have never had a problem. I had read that some people have had trouble with the wheels but so far ours are still growing strong. We are using this as her primary car seat and she's hard on it but it has held up. We just ordered a 2nd one for our 8 month old and look forward to using it once we move her out of her infant carrier.

Ogden, UT


Triple Play Sit 'n' Stroll Travel System

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