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Writing your way


For the new writer with a sincere interest in getting online clips you can show people Triond is a MUCH better site than Helium. You don't have to ask permission for topics to write on and titles - you write the article and it posts or not. MUCH better also is the ability to use photos or other things in the article, making a more visual article. The layout is professional when the article is up, For the pennies per read it is not that much of a difference but looks much nicer on the page. A business article is actually set on a business looking site. There is no popularity contest and the forums are MUCH friendlier right off the bat. There are many who write just because they like writing and that's ok too. Agriculture and rural topics don't get third class status at Triond - they also are set up professionally looking. You have the option of deleting articles and much more creative control.

Nauvoo, AL



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