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Trim Treads (Formerly Shape Up Shoes)
Trim Treads (Formerly Shape Up Shoes) Flip Flop Style

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Wow.. Not good


I hate regular shape up shoes and decided to purchase these to get the same results. I was mistaken. These shoes are so unstable, hard to walk in, and actually hurt. On top of all of that, they also didn't produce any results. A complete waste of money. I would not recommend these to anyone.



Very poor product that doesn't live up to anything that it claim


These so called "shape-up" shoes or flip flops in any style are nothing but a hoax. They sure let down the general public by talking the talk alot, but never walking the walk. Anotherwords, these "shape-ups" were nothing but a fast yet expensive gimmick that alot of people fell for and the product never did live up to anything that they had said it would do. What a shame. I give the worst rating that you can give.

Mesa, AZ


i love them!!


i never thought these shoes would work but they do my uper feet feel better and look thinner then before! i really recommend to try these just give them a shot what do you got to loose? personally i love them!

Ferndale, WA


Trim Treads (Formerly Shape Up Shoes) Flip Flop Style

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