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Triazolam Halcion

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it is the only thing that helps me sleep.


It helps me sleep and stay asleep all night and feel rested when I wake up and doesn't leave me hung over. I,don't have bad dreams like with some of the other medication's I have taken. I really feel better an can have a better day because I sleep so good the night before



Something To Help You Sleep.


If you have had trouble sleepine for over six months, this could be the solution. Have you tried Herbal Remedies? OTC Medication? Hypnosis? Other prescriptions? Halcion could help you. It's a tablet and you take it orally at bedtime. You will fall asleep quickly - take it when you are ready for bed and go to bed right away. You will not only fall asleep, you will sleep through the night and will wake up refreshed. It's wonderful to finally find something that works. Your doctor will probably prescribe it on a month to minth basis. Talk to your doctor at least every three months to discuss your progress. Like any prescription medication, there is the possibility of abuse. Be sure to take the medication when and how often you take it exactly as your doctor prescribes it. It's safer than other sleep medications I have taken but you have to be careful. In my case, there have been no problems with interaction with other prescription or OTC products. As always if you experience any problems with any prescriptions, stop taking them and call your doctor immediately.

Augusta, ME


Triazolam Halcion

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