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Triaminic Night Time Cold & Cough

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This is what I grew up on and it works


Anytime I think back to when I was a child and went to the doctor, I always remember the doctor telling my mom to give me triaminic nighttime cold and cough. Obviously as I got older I stopped using it. Then I had twins and that changed. As they got older and played with more kids, thry caught more colds. Their doctor is my doctor from when I was small and she still recommends the same thing. Every time my kids have a cold and cough, I give them triaminic grape flavored and they take it no problem and feel better soon after. It's a great cold and cough medicine. I would definitely recommend. It helps them ease their cold symptoms and helps with their restlessness so they have a good night of sleep. My son gets more congested than my daughter and when we tried other brands sometimes it would help her and would do nothing for him. That's when we switched and never tried a different brand again. Two generations of this medicine being used and it still is great for kids.



Grew Up on Triaminic


For my entire childhood, as long as I can ever remember, Triaminic was the go-to medicine that my mother would always use anytime we were sick. She had her medicine stocked with every flavor, color and variety of Triaminic, and I really never minded taking it. I can remember coughing and coughing late at night up in bed, and my mother would come up with a spoon and the bottle of Triaminic Night Time Cold & Cough (purple bottle) and I would take my dose and always feel better. As a parent, my children are not yet old enough for this type of medicine, but I do remember very clearly that this always worked for me when I was young. It tastes good - GRAPE - and is pretty easy to take. I always felt that after my mom gave me a dose of this I could sleep better, with much less coughing. When my kids are older, I know Triaminic will be the brand I use, because I trust it and know that it is effective.



Triaminic Cough and Cold Tastes Good and Works Well


A little medicine is often all that our kids need to help them forget their coughs and colds and get a good night's sleep. It also helps when they like the taste of the medicine they are presented and one product that most kids will find acceptable to their tastes is **Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief Grape Flavor.** ** ** ** ** **Medicine Commentary:** Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief Grape Flavor contains the active ingredients Diphenhydramine HCl (6.25 mg) and Phenylephrine HCl (2.5 mg). The product is intended for children six to twelve years of age and can be taken every four hours as needed, not to exceed six doses in a twenty- four hour period. Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief Grape Flavor has a flavor that most kids like and this is very important when dealing with young people. Most of them hate the taste of medicine and will refuse to take any medication at all if the flavor is bad. But the grape flavor here is fine with most children and the relief seems to be good as well. There is no pain reliever in this product- only ingredients to control runny nose, congestion, and cough. Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief Grape Flavor helps get cold symptoms under control and it encourages kids to fall asleep. Once asleep, the medication will continue to work, but parents need to bear in mind that it will last for only four hours. If symptoms are really bad, they may return during the night, requiring another dose. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief Grape Flavor is an effective medicine for youngsters with enough medicines to get the coughing, sneezing, and congestion under control. Best of all, the product is easy to administer and readily accepted by most kids, thanks to its candy- like taste. Congestion Relief Helps open the sinus passages Cough Suppression Does help kids get over their coughing

Houston, TX


Better then mucinex


My son has had many colds this year and the doctor always recommends mucinex and robitussin. Well after many restless nights with lots of coughing we gave* him triaminic night time cold and cough a try. And it worked!!! ***Would highly recommend it. I have to fight my son to take medicine and he actually liked it.**

Clio, MI


Triaminic Night Time Cold & Cough

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