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Triaminic Day Time Cold & Cough

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Didn't work for my son


My 4 year old had gotten a bad cold about a month ago. He had a severe cough and nasal congestion. So I decided to buy Triaminic daytime cold and cough to try to see if it would help him with his cough and congestion problem. I didn't have any problems with him taking this cough medicine. He loved the cherry flavor taste. But sadly, Triaminic daytime cold and cough medicine didn't help him that much. It helped ease the severity of his cough, but he still had a mild cough. It helped a little with his nasal congestion, to where he was able to breathe out of his nose a little. It is hard for a parent to see their child sick and can't do much to help them. There isn't much on the market for young children to take to help with a cold. I was hoping that Triaminic daytime cold and cough would do the trick of helping my son feel better, but it didn't do very much to help him with the cold he had. It was very disappointing.



Wish it were more natural


We recently purchased Triaminic Daytime Cold & Cough at the recommendation of our pediatrician for my three-and-a-half year old daughter suffering from croup. The main reason why I gave this product only 3 stars is because it contains dextromethorphan. I have read many online reviews about how dangerous this ingredient is and that it can result in a trip to the emergency room if not taken properly. This ingredient is supposed to help with cough and I really do not feel like it is all that effective. So why would I want to give my kids a product that 1) can be dangerous and 2) that is not effective. It is a no brainer for me. I will stick to Zarbee's Natural cough syrup and give Zyrtec for the runny nose.

Austin, TX


Works well for the cold, not so much for the cough


Any parent will tell you that having a child sick is no picnic. All you want to do is make them feel better. While love and kisses can go a long way to soothing a child's boo-boos, it doesn't work quite as well with nasal congestion and cough. There are a lot of brands out there claiming to be the best cold medicine for your child. I like to use Triaminic's cold medicine with my daughter because it tastes better than the other brands and brings her relief. I have to admit, though, that it seems to work better on the "Cold" part than the "Cough". Regardless, it is my standby medicine for when the winter cold season sets in and the sniffles start. If you've tried Robitussin and your child turns their nose up at the taste, I would suggest you give this one a try. We have the cherry flavor and while it doesn't exactly taste like candy, it also is not a struggle to have them swallow it. You want your children to feel better, but shoving medicine down their throats is not the best way to achieve it!

Buchanan, VA


Triamnic did not do the job


Both of my boys came down with colds and coughs recently. We picked up triamnic day time cold and cough thinking it would help. We were disappointed that it really did not do much for their coughs. We followed the recommended dosage but it really did not do anything to aleviate my son's coughs. My older son had this virus worse than my younger son and it did not relieve the coughing in the least. I will say that it did seem to help my younger son slightly better. While it was relatively inexpensive I still ended up having to go and buy a different brand of cough medicine for my olest. In all fairness it could have also been the type of cough and cough the boys had. Once we changed medications we noticed improvement within twenty-four hours. I am not sure I would recommend triaminic to anyone but again maybe it really depends on the type of cough and cold that one has. We did find it readily availabe at both our local drug stores and discount chain stores.

Elmer, NJ


Works well for the little ones


Recently our entire family came down with colds including our 5 year old.  I mentioned it to a friend and she recommended Triaminic as it is the only thing that she can get her 7 year old to take.  I purchased the product and hoped for the best, figuring that I would most likely have to visit the pediatrician anyway. I tried to get a ped. appointment but was told I couldn't get my child in for a few days, I asked the nurse if it would be ok if I gave my child the Triaminic in the meantime and she said it would be fine.  First let me start by saying I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually get my child to take the medication.  The cherry flavoring really seemed to help in that department.  Within the same day I noticed that my child wasn't coughing as much and he starting showing signs of improvement.  By the next day, he was doing even better and started to become more active. On the third day he was much improved, so much so that I cancelled his dr. appointment.  I would recommend this medication for anyone that needs to immediately treat a child's cold if they can't get to a doctor right away.

Rockford, IL


My son loves the cherry flavor


I am an avid user of Children's Triaminic syrup. Especially the day time cold and cough. It comes in a cherry flavor that my six year old son doesn't mind taking. I give it to him when he seems to come down with a cough and cold symptoms. It does not make him sleepy. Therefore, I can give it to him before he goes to school and not have to worry about him falling asleep in school. It does take about 3 days before his cough clears up. The Triaminic seems to work great. It clears up the symptoms before they get bad enough to take my child to the pediatrician.  It's very inexpensive. Therefore, I can save money on a pediatrician's visit. I can buy it at just about any store that I walk into. The thing that I like most about Triaminic, is that they have a type for just about any symptoms your child can come up with. I definitely recommend parents trying this when their child seems to start coming down with cold symptoms.

Loranger, LA


Triaminic Day Time Cold & Cough

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