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Tri-Heart Plus Heartworm Medicine

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My dog had mild seizures the entire 3 years she took this medication and has not had a single one before or after taking TriHeart Plus. A new vet recommended changing her to Interceptor Plus and she's been fine every since.




Reasonable prices and as good as the rest


We have been using Tri heart heart worm medicine for years. When our vet first prescribed this we where a bit hesitant because wh never really have heard of it. Now that we have been using it, it seems to work great! Our dog have never had an issue with heartworms and each month when we give it to her, she never gives a problem. We were concerend about the size, they are a bit big but, we just hand it to her and she eats it with no problem (she takes other meds that are tiny and she will pick them right out of her food so we usually need to put them in peanutbutter). Of course this makes life a lot easier. I would recommend this because it not only does its job, my dog doesn't give any problem taking it and it is reasonably priced. Some heartworm medication costs so much and most all do the same thing. Quality of Ingredients My dog gives a problem when we try to give her any medication. These for whatever reason are appealing to her and eventhough they are quite big, she just takes it and eats it with no problem. I assume it must taste ok since she does this and the ingrediants must work because she has never had a problem, Side Effects We have never experiienced any side effects from this


Wantagh, NY


Tri-Heart Plus Heartworm Medicine

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