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Tretin-x cream
Tretin-x cream Tretin-X cream

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Miracle in a tube


I am almost 40 and still get acne. I have been going to a derm for years and have tried many, many retinoids and topical creams. A few years ago I started using the Tretin-X 1% cream and it has been a life saver. Not only does it keep my acne at bay, but it helps with wrinkles too. Just a little dab is all you need so one tube will last you a very long time. If your skin gets a little dry from it you can go from every night to every other night. Also the kit comes with a non-soap facial wash and moisturizer that go perfectly with the Tretin-X. Wash with the wash, dry your face throughly...then wait 30 minutes to apply a pea size amount to your skin. Afterwards you may put on moisturizer to help the drying effects. Always wear sunscreen too.


Hatboro, PA


no pain no gain


Tretin-X is a prescription topical cream designed for the treatment of Acne or Blackheads. Unfortunately so many teens suffer from acne due to hormones, stress, etc. Most of the time it's manageale and can be treated with non-prescription medications, but sometimes it's so painful that you just need a little extra help.  my daughter is no exception to the rule and is no stranger to acne, still it's not too bad and seems to be under control on her face.  Her ears is another story. Yep, her ears.  I have never seen this before & have brought her to several different doctors for treatment, and the all suggested this cream, which in a way is a chemical peel.  Sound scary, espicially since she is my child, so I decided to go to the dermatoligist. He told me it is not uncommon to have blackheads in the ears, it's becuse her oil glands are five times the size of the average person. Good news is it's in her ears, not her face. Doesn't make it less painful though. He also prescribed this cream, so I finally decided to try it.  The first week her ears were so red it really looked painful, but she told me although they were tender she wasn't in too much pain.  After the second week her ears were not as red & the medicine seemed to really be working because most of her blackhads have almost disappeared.  I think they make this sound worse than what it really is, and although I didn't want to try it at first, I'm glad we did because she now is in less pain now that the blackheads are disappearing, that she was while taking the medicine. 


Hamburg, PA


Tretin-x cream Tretin-X cream

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