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Trendnet Wireless N Home Router is sweet!


I needed a router for my home and did a lot of looking around before deciding on this one.  I knew the Trendnet brand was good quality but what really surprised me was when I was in the store making my final decision and the salesman there reccomended this one to me.  It was not the most expensive at all and not the the least either.  Right in the middle.  It was a wireless router and I was looking to have my house wired but this one covered both.  It was very easy to set up and install on my main computer and off the cable modem.  I ran 2 100' ethernet cables to the back of the house to wire in another computer and the X-Box 360.  I also set up the wireless.  WIthout a hiccup at all this router handles both computers online and the X-Box at the same time and when someone brings a laptop over I give them the password and they are right online too.  The signal strength is through the roof and neighbors down the road have found the router.  One very nice feature is how easy it was to password protect the wireless so people can't just take your signal.  Also customer service, even though it is based out of India, was excellent and fast when I used it to verify all my settings.  Great router from a very trusted brand.


Moscow, ID


Trendnet TEW-652BRP Home Network Review


I am reviewing the TrendNet router, model TEW-652BRP. This review is based on my experience with this router as part of my home network. Throughout this review I will refer to this router as "the router".    To begin with I would like to talk about it's appearance. I like the appearance very much, it's black and glossy, with dual antennas. It matches the rest of my black glossy system. The only downfall to the glossiness of course is smudges, it's impossible to keep the smudges off it, much like the rest of my glossy system. But it's not a big deal, I don't think to many people care about smudging on their routers. Dual Antennas: I like the dual antennas, I always have two desktop systems and a netbook connecting to it, and on occasion other systems during LAN parties and such. The dual antennas work great for getting a signal from many different angles around the house. I assume routers with even more antennas are even more handy, if they are each powered enough. The signal strength from the router is good, although my computer is about 7 feet from my router there is a chimney and wall between the two. Thats right, a really old brick chimney, and I get full signal strength, pc's throughout the rest of the house get all but a bar or two. I do a lot of gaming and a lot of downloading through this router and I've yet to have an issue, connection speeds are consistent. Now if I could only say the same for my dsl modem. The router settings page is very easy to navigate and use. I would recommend this router to anyone who just needs a good, stable, home network.


Farmington, ME



5.0 2