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TrendNet 312w Wireless Camera

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Good features for the money, but with some weaknesses.


You can't find a better device at this price point, but it does come with some annoyances and limitations.Works great as a baby cam, and the grandparents love being able to login to wathc the baby sleeping.Things I Like: - Really great night mode via built-in infrared lights. - Stable. No crashes or hiccups in the month I've had it. - Solid construction. The camera and included mounting bracket are very sturdy. - MPEG streaming video. Really nice quality, and a fraction of the bandwidth required by MJPEG standards, so there's less "internet lag." - The ability to backup your settings is a nice touch, in case you have to reset the camera for any reason. - Three year warranty. - Support for sound. Built-in ability to listen (from IE, not from Firefox/Java) and the ablilty to connect speakers to "talk through" the camera. Things I Dislike: - Camera gets "stuck" in night mode. Under normal indoor lights, the camera often continues to force itself into night mode, which results in strange washed-out colors. This is made more frustrating by software limitations that don't allow you to manually control which mode the camera operates in. Seems to work okay in fluorescent lights from office settings. Surely, this is all just a software glitch that will be fixed in an eventual software patch....I hope. - Always requires a username and password to view the camera. So if you want to just setup a public camera, that's a frustrating limitation. - Difficult to remove Trendnet's "branding" around their live video images - their logo, border, and other stuff. I think this can be done, but it's certainly going to require web developer skills and a bit of hacking to do it. Other things you'll want to know: - Focusing the camera is done via the focus ring on the front of the housing, not from within the software. So you have to be physically present at the camera to do it. That means you'll also need your laptop (or a friend on a phone) to know you're getting it right. - TrendNet's site includes a "lobby cam" from their office, as well as a simulated user interface, and digital version of the manuals. That gives you a pretty good feel for what you're going to get with the camera. - Viewing this camera from outside your home network is going to require some advanced skills in updating your router's settings. It's not especially hard, and there are instructions online to do it. But unless your router supports these settings and you're willing to tinker with them, many of the camera's features are going to be unavailable to you. - The setup was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, based on other reviews. The need to connect it via a network cable to do the initial setup is a little annoying, but understandable and not too difficult if you've read through the manual. The manual is actually pretty well-written - you can download it from the manufacturer's site to judge for yourself.

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TrendNet 312w Wireless Camera

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