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Hybrid Bicycle
Trek 7000 Hybrid Bike

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Best bike I've ever owned!


This is the first "nice" bike I've ever owned and it is wonderful! I use my bike mostly for recreational biking but I can tell this bike would be great for more experienced bikers who go on long biking trips. It was easy to assemble and lightweight for easy transporting it. The breaking system is incredible and the gears change with such ease. VERY happy with my bike. It makes biking so enjoyable to have a quality bike. I would recommend this bike to anyone! I think the money you spend on this bike is well worth it. It's a bike that will probably last me the rest of my life....unless I want a new one just for fun! GREAT bike!

Vicksburg, MS


The Trek hybrid is a great choice for everyone


I purchased the Trek Hybrid after having my previous Trek bike stolen. It was a great choice. It is relaxing to ride in town or along wooded paths. I have had some minor problems with damage to my bike but it was easily repaired at the dealer at no cost to me. I have had it in for regular maintanance but it has really been a pleasure to own. My father-in-law has borrowed it and wishes that he had purchased the same model. He has agreed it is a great ride and makes it relaxing and enjoyable. I go on average 16 miles a week and if I had the time would go more often. I would recomend this bike to anyone. Since I purchased it I know 2 people who have gone out and done the same thing. My Father-in-law wil be purchasing one soon and I am hoping to get my wife involved also. This bike is slim and lightweight easy to manuever and a great ride. It is I would say priced mid line. It is worth the money to upgrade to a Trek over the average brand names.

Tuckerton, NJ


Trek 7000 Hybrid Bike

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