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Tree Spirit
Tree Spirit "Food Safe" Mineral Oil

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Use it to cleanse my face!


I use pure food grade mineral oil to cleanse my face. It sounds crazy but it really does work! I follow it up with a hydrating cleanser and my skin has never been better! I use it with dry skin and massage it in for about 1-2 min and it will dissolve make up and those stubborn sebaceous filaments! Wonderful!



Protects woodenware against drying and cracking.


If you use wooden kitchen tools, such as wooden spoons or ladles, or you have wooden salad bowls, or you have a butcher block cutting board, you should definitely use Tree Spirit's "Food Safe" Mineral Oil.   It never turns rancid and penetrates the natural wood surface and protects against drying, splitting and cracking. I regularly use this product on my wooden kitchen tools, including the wooden handles of my chef knives, and have been delighted in the way the wood looks, even after washing the tools with soap and water. Remember to oil your woodenware at least once per week, or whever the wood seems too dry.

Naperville, IL


Tree Spirit "Food Safe" Mineral Oil

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