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Does not find the cheapest prices


I have tried this website in the past. It caught my attention due to the name of it. However, after spending a lot of time on it, I have discovered that it does not find the best prices for you. The point of the website is to make traveling easier. However, I think the website is difficult to use and does not make it easier. I always have to go through the search twice before it ever pulls up results for me. When I finally get results, they are never cheaper than the prices on other travel websites. You can search cars, hotels, and flights through this website. However, I would not recommend using it. You can find cheaper prices on other websites. Ease of Use I always have to search twice for some reason before I get results. I am not sure why it does that but it is a little frustrating to put information in twice. Features It has search options on cars, hotels, and flights. However, they do not give the cheapest results.




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