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Travel and Leisure Magazine

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Great photos -- makes you want to leave home!


I love Travel & Leisure magazine for its photos primarily.  Over the course of a year, I'm probably only interested in going to about 25% of the locations they cover.  But I always enjoy looking through the photos of whatever location is covered.  I do often send articles off to friends that I know might be interested in some travel.  And I also clip articles that i might find interesting in the future. I wish it covered more practical tips for traveling which would make it helpful to anyone.  Also more coverage of the US would be great -- especially as the economy is forcing more travel close to home.

Taylor, MI


Travel Writers read Travel & Leisure


**Love getting useful information and not just ads?**When each new of Travel + Leisure arrives, I can hardly resist sitting down, *right that moment*, to start pouring through it. The front-of-the-book pieces are up to the minute; the What's New section piques a reader's interest; Forecast, Strategies, Special Report . . . this is a travel magazine for people who actually TRAVEL, not just armchair dreamers. However, I confess to doing my share of dreaming, as each issue presents exotic locales not found in other publications. **It's All About the Story**The story is always primary with the editors at this deliciously well-crafted periodical. Writers are allowed to write in first-person, which enhances the reader's "I'm there, too" sensation. It seems no expense is spared on photography, and I always enjoy reading about the writers and photographers whose work is in each issue. (And naturally, I hope to share some white space with them someday). Rich in content, juicy presentation. What a treat! **The World's Best Hotels**The January issue has this year's list of editor/reporter picks for Best Hotels, always a great read and incredibly specific. How many readers besides myself get a thrill from checking off the hotels on this list that they've already enjoyed? *Dear Santa, T&L says Room #306 at the Anasazi is the one to have ....you bring the cold drinks, I'll bring the heat.* **No More Raving** I could go on raving about T+L, but then I'd have less time to re-read that article about the latest hot spot in Croatia . . . The Bottom Line: ***Libby Loves It!***

Sanibel, FL


Travel and Leisure Magazine

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