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Transfermate - International Money Transfer Provider

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Painful process ..avoid


Spent weeks trying to set up an account ..passport, driving licence, bank statements ..still not enough. In the meantime the uk£ dropped resulting in a serious loss on the currency I was purchasing. Avoid




Send money to anybody anywhere - Money transfers worldwide...


     Generally speaking I like the form of the transfers offered by this company, although it is really not the fastest way to send money abroad. Being a supporter of new ideas I find their way of doing this service innovative because of no need to contact any Offices, employees, to stay on lines or to operate with cash. Everything involved in the whole transfer procedure is done over the internet and over the phone just for confirmation.    They are kind of hard to be found, but if you are looking for **alternative of Western Union or Money Gram** and search through the internet you will notice their paid advertisements, which by now are mandatory for this company, having in mind that it has to compete with Giants in this business and after all it is a new name.    So, about the **procedure of private money transfer** I used personally. The first step I did when I decided to use the services of Transfermate is to choose my specific transfer I want to make. In this case it was a Private money transfer and I just went on with general private money transfer on the site and I had to fill in an application, which by the way was a bit confusing. Anyway, after some thinking I filled the application despite it had no currency field I found out that there is an automatic selection of currency by country which you can select. FYI after talking to the developers it seems now they have this currency field. Now, the next step was the key of the whole transfer, they gave me their correspondent bank account information and contacts to finish up the whole money transfer. I called them, got to know that everything is in order and I can send the money to their bank account and they will forward the funds to the receivers' account. So I did make an online bank transfer to their account and waited.    On the **next day I got a confirmation** that my transfer is done and the money are in the receiver's account. So I waited for a day or two and called the guy I was sending money to and he approved. So everything went fine. I have listed the things I liked about the money transfer and the things that did not make me happy, so I guess that's the whole story I can tell about Transfermate.com. Hope to be helpful. 


Cunningham, KS


Avoid it!!


I was trying to transfer the money from US to the bank in Thailand. There was not so many places offer the transfer to Thail Bath.. I found this place over the Internet and the overall review I read about it is pretty good.. so far no complain. I put the request over their website.. and got responsed e-mail very quick. They explained the process over the e-mail pretty good.. however, whatever happen actually was not what they explained.. the good thing is they response you e-mail pretty quick. The bad thing is they are not offer guarantee rate.. and not even tell you what you can expect.. you will know your rate when they money already in the beneficiary account.. and if it's too low than you expect.. that it was just your unlucky day.. for me.. they gave me like 28.72 THB/US where bank offer 31.64THB/US. I will absolutely use the bank to bank if I know it before hand.. Probably, this company is not good for non-major currency.


Holland, MI


Transfermate - International Money Transfer Provider

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