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Trane XL80 Central Heating System

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Lifes short deal with it.


I own a Trane XL80 and the only thing i had to replace was a blower moter last winter, i have been in my house since 2002 and it was put in 2000, the important thing to do is keep it clean and service it, i do that myself its not that hard. If you don't pay alittle to service it you will pay alot  to repair it.

Geneva, NY


sucks, would not recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!


I would not recommend this product to anyone.  Simply because the company choses people to install their product, who know nothing about it.  First off we paid alot of money to have this company come install their equipment.   We asked them about running duct work to our upstairs, they said it couldn't be done.. We later found out this was incorrect.  2nd after they installed the product we let it run all summer.  Then the next summer we let it run after about a month into the summer we noticed our floor was damp.  It was coming from under the house, and close to where they installed the system.  We got to looking and they were letting the system drip into our crawlspace!  Which caused damage to our floor.  I of course wanted them to pay for the damage THEY caused.  The guy who came to repair our floor said his boss was suposed to come look at the damage, never showed.. needless to say we never heard from the company!  I WILL NEVER ADVISE ANYONE TO BUY A TRANE!!!!

Saint Paris, OH


Trane XL80 Central Heating System

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