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Tramontina 8-Piece Porcelain Enamel Non-Stick Cookware

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Tramontina 8 Piece Non-Stick Cookware is a great starter set.


I purchased the Tramontina 8 Piece Porcelain Enamel Non-Stick Cookware set mainly because it was on clearance at Wal-Mart. I wasn't expecting it to last very long because I am one of those people who forgets metal doesn't agree with teflon, and by chance I am also married to one of those people. We have had the set for just over a year now and it is holding up quite well. The lids are very sturdy and the handles are not the twist on variety so they do not get loose. The outsides of the pots have some scratches and discoloration from spills over the edge, but no rust. They are just heavy enough to heat fairly evenly, but they are somewhat thin so they do get some hot spots. The small frying pan is much too small to really use and the handle weighs more than the pan so it will type off the burner if not filled with something. As long as you are careful with it it isn't a problem. I enjoy the set enough I purchased it as a wedding present (along with a set of plastic utensils). For the price, I would say this is definitely worth the money.

Florissant, MO


Tramontina 8-Piece Porcelain Enamel Non-Stick Cookware

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