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Tramadol Hcl 50 MG Tablet

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Tramadol Hcl - Great for chronic pain


I have had a chronic pain condition since 2002.  My Pain Management/Arthritis physician prescribed Tramadol Hcl in a 50 mg tablet.  This medication is prescribed for moderate to moderately severe pain.  I found that this medication works exceedingly well for me; but each person will respond to this medication differently.  My husband has the same doctor and was prescribed the Tramadol in a higher dosage -- he had no beneficial effects from this medication whatsoever. Tramadol's effects involve serotonin and norepinephrine.  If you are on anti-depressants which also act on serotonin and norepinephrine, you cannot take Tramadol.  That is why, unfortunately, I had to stop taking it.  Other prescribed pain relievers such as Hdroco/Apap5 (Vicodin) [http://www.viewpoints.com/Vicodin-Hydroco-Apap5-500-mg-review-e64c18][1]  don't work as well for me and cause constipation.  Tramadol is also prescribed for restless leg syndrome, acid reflux and fibromyalgia. I make no claims for this medication.  If your doctor prescribes Tramadol for you, it is imperative that he has a list of all medications and supplements that you are taking to check for interactions. It worked really well for me...It might do the same for you.       [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Vicodin-Hydroco-Apap5-500-mg-review-e64c18

Madison, OH


A Pain Medication That Really Works


              Well I recently have had a problem with my elbow swelling up and being full of fluid so I had to go to the Emergency Room. When I went there they did x-rays and found out that I have Bursitis in my elbow due to pressure from leaning on it. Thats why I have stayed off the computer a lot lately. They gave me two types of medication for this problem. One was for helping the swelling go down and the other was for pain.              **Tramadol HCL** is a popular pain reliever for many conditions that cause pain of all kinds. Whether you've got an abscessed tooth or post-operative pain, tramadol can be a great remedy for your pain. It works like an opiate, so that the pain relief offers maximum results, but it has the lower risk side effects associated with analgesics, making many people feel safer taking it than other medications. By taking the time to check out your options, you might realize that you're better off taking tramadol than any other medication. However, only you and your doctor can make that decision, so you'll need to discuss it with them. It does come in different strengths also. It has worked fine for me so see your Doctor.

Zirconia, NC


Tramadol is better than nothing, but not by much.


I have had trigeminal neuralgia for sixteen years.  This is a condition that even the medical textbooks call "excruciating" and at one time even called "the suicide disease" because of the level of pain it causes.  My doctor has prescribed Tramadol, 50mg, two tablets four times daily, for the pain.  Most of the time I am functional, so I guess it helps.  A little, anyway.  It does not, however, stop the pain.  On the other hand, I've had two brain surgeries that haven't stopped the pain, either.  Perhaps I'm expecting too much from a simple pill.  As a retired medical assistant I will say that it is better to take non-narcotic analgesics (non-addictive medications to reduce or eliminate pain) rather that to take narcotics, especially on a long-term, chronic basis.  On bad days, however, I really wish I had access to something stronger.  A lot stronger.  Way, way, way stronger.  To the tenth degree and infinity and beyond.

Columbia, SC


Tramadol Hcl 50 MG Tablet

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